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I write using poetic license.

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11-18-2021   Gonna Talk To Mr. Moon
  11-8-2021   Light of the Silvery Moon
10-25-2021   Can I Lean On You
10-20-2021   Poetry I Never Wrote
10-18-2021   Mine

  10-3-2021   Warm Winter Winds
  9-25-2021   A Dance in the Moonlight
  9-25-2021   You Shine
  9-21-2021   Believers
  9-21-2021   Everything

  12-9-2016   The Brass Ring
10-30-2015   Midnight
  6-18-2015   Dove
    5-5-2015   Possum
  4-16-2015   Tilt
  2-22-2015   One More For The Road

    2-8-2015   The Last Time
    2-3-2015   I Dreamed I Was Dancing
  11-2-2014   Just A Note
  9-16-2014   Dive Deep
  6-13-2014   Port and Starboard

    2-6-2012   Dark House
    9-1-2011   A Bouquet
  8-18-2011   Dream All Over You
  8-15-2011   Adrift
  8-14-2011   Time Of Judgment
  8-14-2011   The Art Of Truth
  8-14-2011   To Live From the Heart
    8-2-2011   Church
    8-2-2011   Babs
  7-29-2011   The Big Why
  7-24-2011   What Is Truth...?
  7-17-2011   The Dawn
  7-17-2011   It Was Good
  7-17-2011   Clubs
  7-15-2011   A Long Way To Go
  7-13-2011   A Moment

    7-6-2011   You. Me.
    7-4-2011   Falling Stars
    7-4-2011   Back Rooms of Life
    7-4-2011   The Wind
    7-1-2011   The Nightmare
  6-25-2011   If I Had a Wish
  6-23-2011   Leaps and Bounds
  6-21-2011   Did You See That?
  6-21-2011   Stuck in Dreams
  6-21-2011   Solid Spot
  6-21-2011   Snake in the Garden
  6-19-2011   Beautiful Gifts
  6-18-2011   The Game
  6-16-2011   My Glass
  6-12-2011   The Lights and the Music
    6-3-2011   Courage

2004     Stray Cats
2004     I Have To Kiss You
2004     Catching You
2002     I See You
2001     Sleeping
2000's   Never Really Alone
2000's   A Married Man

2000's   Surviving Christmas
2000's   The Mountain
2000's   Not For Sale
2000's   Guessing Games
2000's   Mystery Pudding
2000     Roses

1999 ? Our Beauties
1996   In My Dreams
1996   Two Virgins
1996   Nameless Man
1996   The Dark Back Rooms Of Life
1996   Together
1996   Manhood
1996   I Confess
1996   Hard To Love
1996   Your Self
1996   Answer To A Jeer
1996   Being Human
1996   Down All Down
1996   Simple Folk
1996   Diamonds And Dust
1996   Pools Of Life
1996   Mysteries
1996   Alone
1996   The Actress
1996   Alaska
1995 ? Drink Your Coffee
1994   A Silence
1992   Life Is Ugly
1992   Hate In Me
1992   A Million Dollars
1992   Understanding
1992   Old Fashioned Dying
1992   Our Creek
1992   Life Pictures

1992   Song Bird
1992   Hate Not Love
1992   Beginning Of Hell
1992   Pointy Fingers
1992   Simple Dreams
1992   Love Is The Sun
1992   Sorry For You
1992   This Was Your Life
1992   Go To God
1992   Sunset
1992   Silence
1992   Do I Love You
1992   Feeling The Dark
1992   Kidnapped
1992   Coming Into Love
1992   Pain
1992   Toward The Divine
1992   Tonight Is The Night
1992   Love Is The Refiner
1992   Living In The Fire
1992   Trying And Dying
1992   What Is The Word?
1992   Our Truth
1991   When
1991   A Primeval Flower
1990's Dealt Cards
1990's Me And Mine
1990's Each Touch

1989       Be Beautiful
1988       Pass It On To You
1988       A Curse Not A Cure
1987       Distant Drums
1986       Green Canvas Bag Song Lyrics
1980's ?   Peace, Be Still
1980's ?   Deeper Than We Know

1980's ?   Among Stones
1980's ?   No Cause To Mourn
1980's ?   Oblivion
1980's ?   Love Beauty Love
1980's ?   In The Sanctuary
1980's     A House Somewhere
1980's     Fancy Tricks

1970's thru 1990's   A Master of Light
1970's   In My House
1970's   Where Would You Walk Me?
1970's   Caught In The Reins
1970's   No One Knows What Life Is
1970's   My Crystal Ship
1970's   Cast Out
1970's   My Hair
1970's ? Noise
1970's   So Profound
1970's   So What
1970's   Loving You
1970's   My Ecstasy
1970's   A House All Mine
1970's   A White Sandy Plain
1970's   A Word Or Two
1970's   Ellipsis
1970's   Magnet
1970's   Out Of The Blue
1970's   Dark Ages
1970's   My Dreams
1970's   What Can I Say?
1970's   Millions Of People
1970's   Innocent Til You Must Judge
1970's   ForgiveInTruth
1970's   Daydreams
1970's   One
1970's   There's A Land
1970's   I Saw Your Mind

1970's   Something I Can't Have
1970's   Predators
1970's   The Deep Is Coming
1970's   Today Is Eternity
1970's ? In Our Dreams
1970's   A Turning World
1970's   To Understand
1970's   Stop The Carousel
1970's ? I Feel My Soul
1970's ? Cry Is Blue
1970's ? Today
1970's   Singing Blue
1970's   Going Off
1970's ? Observing
1970's ? My Secrets
1970's ? Bless This Union
1970's ? Feel The Wind
1970's ? After A Dream
1970's ? Life's End
1970's ? Love Is God
1972   Love Will
1971   Time For The Time
1971   Roller Coaster Man
1971   The Lighthouse
1970   For A Day At Kent State
1970   No Occasion At All
1970   Spaced
1970   Sixteen

60's / 70's   I've Tried
1968     I Am That I Am
1968     Me Around You
1960's   What's The Use Of Words
1960's   About My Silence
1960's   Country Girl Song recorded by "Zazoo"
1960's   The End Of The Game
1960's   Do The Lovers Really Die?
1960's   When We Meet
1960's   Something Left
1960's   Desperate For Comfort
1960's   Love Flies
1960's   Getting Serious
1960's   Barren
1960's   The Right Season For Words
1960's   Forsaken Beauty

1960's   Chains Of The Truth
1960's   The Evil's Proof
1960's   Lullabye
1960's   Nature's Appointed Time
1960's   If Love Was Here
1960's   The Fire
1960's   We Needed A Lullabye Song Lyrics
1960's   The Clash
1960's   From The Moment We Meet
1960's   The Deadly Deceptions
1960's   To Keep A Dream Sacred
1960's   Only Too Innocent
1966     Berth Of The Truth
1966     What We Denied Our Love
1966     How Thick the Leaves Are! Silver Poet Award
1963     Priceless 5th Grade Poetry Contest
1966     Lakeview

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