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A Primeval Flower


There was beauty
Awful glorious it was
A paradise of senses
Full of calm and fury
It... it just was.

Then came there the tillers
The builders, the weavers,
The warriors, the prophets,
Mixed together into the sands
There were now laws...
But there were rainbows
There was much death
But there was a mystical eternity
It... it just was.

It seemed as though the beauty was lost.

Out of the earth
Sprang a flower
Up from the ages
Dormant and lifeless
It now came to being.

The dreams of the tillers
And weavers and builders
Was patiently biding
Til someone would see it
Til someone should know it.

A beauty of ages
Primeval and full-blown
The fruit of the earth
Subdued to perfection
A beauty more glorious
Than one can imagine
A real dream...
Of nature...
Of mankind...
And all that is in them.

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