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Where Would You Walk Me


Where would you walk me... ?
If I let you take me by the hand... ?
Would we walk down paths of flowers
In smiles and words...
Discovering ourselves...
In innocence and growing... ?

Where would you walk me... ?
If I gave myself to you... ?
And trusted you... ?
Would you take it for yourself
And keep your trophy
On a shelf for all to see?
My beautiful, beautiful gift?

Where would you walk me... ?
If I lay asleep
In my trust for you
And opened my heart
To let you pass through freely... ?
Would you leave dirty footsteps
And never bother to know me?

Where would I walk... ?
If we reached the end of our path
To discover our ways parting... ?
Could I ever find my way home again?
Would you really ever be able
To get me safely home?

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