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I Have To Kiss You


There's a candle between us,
In the subtle twilight of the room.
Now and then in the background
Are clinks of glasses meeting plates
And forks being laid down.

The quiet conversations
Are murmurs without comprehension,
As we have our supper
Over small talk
And schedules.

The flowers in the vase catch my eye...
A daisy, a carnation, a rose...
Some greenery-- ferns...
Then your hand
Beautifully holding your knife
As you cut into your salad.

I see your eyes
Lost in the function of eating...
Then your lips
Moving around words
Making small flashes of teeth
A gentle tongue
A curl of lip
A possible smile...
Then your eyes jump to me
And back to your plate.

I'm drawn to your lips
As they move
From word to word
And sound to sound,
With tones and music
Like a violin
Drifting from one string to another.

I feel my lips on yours...
Across our table
Over the candle
Past the flowers.
I feel the movement of your words
With my lips,
As I taste your music.
I gently lay the kiss of my lips
To feel the shape of your words,
As your lips brush against mine...
Talking your small talk
Across the table.

Ah! There's a smile!
A joy to my lips!
A small turn of your head
And I follow devotedly...
To the corner of your mouth...
To the purse of your lips...
Til you waken me
And draw me into your eyes.

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