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I am sick to my soul.
I do not accuse myself anymore.
I don't linger in dark corners waiting for judgment.
I don't seek out the mistakes.
I don't watch at windows.

I am sick to my soul.
I love people.
They're beautiful.
Their colors are all around them.
They are living pictures of life
Even when they fail.
It is somehow lovely to see
How life betrays itself in them.

I am sick to my soul.
I can't do enough.
There's too much pain around me...
Too much confusion.
Things are lost.
Wild things die.
No one seems to notice
The insanity around them.
No one can move it.
Maintenance will turn to madness...
No longer forward...
Backward only.

I am sick to my soul.
I wish I could stop it
As it spins itself to death...
Catch all the fallen things...
Heal something...
Calm the madness...
Share some light...
Conquer the darkness.

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