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Fancy Tricks


Fancy tricks again?
You've practiced, I see.
Someone must like your stylish moves...
That you would... use them... on me.

Ah! Seduction!
How sweet of you...
To use those tried and true
Magical moves... on me.

If I covered my face
And turned out the lights
You could continue your fantasy.
I could be "Eve"
And you would be... who?

Lucky I'm here, eh?
To do your work for you...
Your personal washboard
Whose role is to please you.

I won't be waking you
Not when you're in heat.
I know that move, too...
"No"... is not an option.

Where did you learn them...
Your fancy tricks
And magical moves?
I feel like I know her
Almost as well as you did.

Am I not responding
Or swooning completely?
And here...
You've laid yourself on the line,
Acting so proudly about it.
How embarrassing it would be
If I told you.

Fancy tricks, again?
How do I tell you
When you made a move on me
You lost me forever.
Too easily, you let it slip
About your... uh...
Fancy tricks.

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