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"Starlight Gazette" is a website where this author can publish her compositions and also index information as it is gathered. You are welcome to read as you wish what is published here, but please respect the fact that everything is copyrighted... and that much of the work you see is the result of many long years of research and editing. Thank you.

Starlight Gazette got its design from my first website "Starlight City" -- an internet directory of informational sites that do not track with cookies. Yes... there are sites that do not track every move you make WHEN you visit and AFTER you visit. This was part of my personal philosophy... that the standards of the internet were established improperly and violate privacy expectations.

"Violating privacy expectations" includes per click advertising, as well. I wanted no part in it. Advertising can be done in a manner similar to newspaper advertising... per space... per month... and priced according to the popularity of each page of a website. This would eliminate several major problems that occur with "per click" and "per view"... and eliminate the excuse to implant cookies on your home computer.

The work required to update a "cookie-free directory" was time-consuming. I let the website registry lapse, and when I returned to it after several years, the name had been taken. I missed the continuity of names... but I had given up on the directory project by then... and wanted now to begin posting my own personal work.

I had done graphics with the "Starlight" theme -- "Starlight" referring to the internet -- and I liked working with the starry background as I edited pages... as it had depth and life and openness. So... I kept the graphics... and just selected another website name... Starlight Gazette.

In 2008 I posted my first large piece of work... "A Covenant With Truth"... as well as selections from my poetry. The site has changed appearance over the years and I have, meanwhile, self-published "A Covenant With Truth" and "Pearl"- a collection of my poetry. However, the treatise "The Joseph Theory" has been more complicated to turn into print form due to the use of links and references in it.

Who am I...?
I'm a writer. I've thought of myself as "a writer" since I was in second grade.
I loved words... origins of words... the sound and the music of words... words that rhyme... words that say exactly that thing that was meant to be said... I've loved it all.

By the time I was in fourth grade... and entering a poetry contest... I had a desire to write things that helped people understand each other... and perhaps... help to make peace in the world. I wanted to understand the hidden world... where people REALLY live... as opposed to the "costumes" and the "faces" that they put on in public.

I wondered... what is the truth...? what is our truth as human beings...? And love... how could I write about "love" unless I REALLY knew what it was... ? Did ANYONE really know what LOVE is...? Is that mankind's problem...?

By the time I was 19 years old... I had begun research into the problems of religions. Why do people believe strange things... and use religion to hate. I had thoughts that those problems might stem from bad translations from one language to another. I explored several theories along this line. And then... I began looking for those "eternal truths." But I had fallen on some very hard times... and... my work was set aside for many years.

I have developed a writing style that suits me. I have also formed several theories over the past forty years... and still have much research that I'm wanting to do. I have discovered interesting things in my studies. Some things now seem certain to me. Some things... I can never know for certain... no one can. I believe that the teachings of Jesus have given mankind a way through the darkness. I believe that forgiveness and not judgment is the only good way to make it from that darkness and forward into the light.

Until we mastered our own survival on the earth we needed a place of stability.
Until we matured as a species... we needed a safe place to go.
Just like Eden was a protection of our innocence...
just like Noah built an ark to save the lives of all he could...
while the storm raged around them...
we had churches, priests, music, beauty, and always a search for wisdom...
always a search for God.

People do many things in their struggle to survive. So did mankind.
As we learn more and more about our dark pasts, we will face a time of repentence... and a time of forgiveness. Blaming the past almost seems like blaming your parents for not knowing how to properly discipline children.
We cannot change the past now...
but we must preserve mankind's future.
We must... grow up.

I hope you enjoy what is posted here.

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