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A Covenant With Truth

"As citizens of freedom we have a Covenant with Truth.
As we break the yokes of oppression, suppression, and repression
We must grasp something more true...
Something beyond the forces of convention and doctrine.
We must find the source of all that is true to us as human beings."

The Joseph Theory   & Addendum

Much of what we understand about the scriptures
has been filtered through a group of doctrines.
But... what happens when those doctrines are set aside
to take an unprejudiced view of the words themselves?
What has emerged in this case is an entirely different story, indeed.

The Structure of Society

The currency of solutions is not in money... it is in IDEAS.
Perhaps the solutions are easier than we might ever have thought, and cost less than we could ever have believed. We truly CAN create a society that has a place for all its many citizens, if only we rethink the HOW and the WHY that we do things.

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