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The Joseph Theory

Intro         Introduction:   God
Chapter 1       Body of Heaven
Chapter 2       Joseph, Son of Light
Chapter 3       Writing Genesis
Chapter 4       The Family of Jacob
Chapter 5       Saving Benjamin
Chapter 6       The Legacy
Chapter 7       Jacob, the Mystery
Chapter 8       Jacob's Last Blessings
Chapter 9       Jacob's Burial

The Genealogy of Adam

              Adam through Jacob

    ( mother )   Sons of Jacob
  1   Leah       Reuben
  2   Leah       Simeon
  3   Leah       Levi
  4   Leah       Judah
  5   Bilhah       Dan
  6   Bilhah       Naphtali
  7   Zilpah       Gad
  8   Zilpah       Asher
  9   Leah       Issachar
10   Leah       Zebulun
11   Rachel       Joseph
12   Rachel       Benjamin

            Genealogy of David


Blood Sacrifice

Chapter 1       The Need for Forgiveness
Chapter 2       Cain and Abel
Chapter 3       The Killing of Animals
Chapter 4       Abraham
Chapter 5       The Israelites
Chapter 6       The Bible Verses

Scriptural Studies

The Ten Commandments
History of the Scriptures
Ark of the Covenant
The Tabernacle
The Lampstand
The Breastpiece
Chart of the Clan Chiefs
An Age Chart of Chiefs
Jacob's Last Blessings Chart
Map of Canaan
Map of Egypt

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