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Genealogy 3: Levi

Sources for this genealogical chart are:
Genesis, Numbers, IChronicles, Exodus

Roman #=Inheritor/alternate spellings (meaning of name) Lived years.
Children: In order of their birth or of their scriptural listing
(#'s) reflect # of generations from section head
 = this person connected to the time of Moses.
 = a chieftain or namesake of a military
division in the time of Moses.
 = this person was connected to King David

XXII. Jacob (to supplant or seize at the heel) also: Israel (wrestles with God or a match of a god)
Lived 147 yrs. His children were all born during the second seven years of servitude to Laban except for Benjamin. He had twelve sons, and one daughter. Jacob's age when his children were born is figured from his age when he entered Egypt. He was 130 when Joseph was 39 (at 30 he took power, 7 years of lean, 2 years of drought). Thus, Jacob was between 84 and 91 when all his children were born.
The Sons of Israel:
1. Reuben, by Leah, Rachel's sister
2. Simeon, by Leah
3. Levi, by Leah
4. Judah, by Leah
5. Dan, by Bilhah, Rachel's maid
6. Naphtali, by Bilhah
7. Gad, by Zilpah, Leah's maid
8. Asher, by Zilpah
9. Issachar, by Leah
10. Zebulun, by Leah
      A daughter, Dinah
11. Joseph, by Rachel
12. Benjamin, by Rachel

3. Levi (to adhere or to join) lived 137 years Ex. 6:16
Children: Gershon, Kohath, Merari Gen. 46:11
(2) Gershon/Gershom (exile) Children: Libni, Shimi
(3) Shimi/Shimei (renowned, fame) Begot: Shelomoth, Haziel, Haran at IChr. 23:8
(3) Libni (white or of Libnah) (called Ladan at IChr. 23:7), begot: Jehiel, Zetham, Joel begot: Jahath at IChron. 6:20
(4) Jahath/Jehath (grasping or God will snatch away) who begot:
(5)Shimei/Shammua/Shimma/Shimeah (renowned, fame or God has heard) who begot: (IChron. 6:20, skips Shimei, unless Shimei and Zimmah are the same person)
(6)Zimmah (counsel, plan)who begot: Joah, Ethan
(7) Joah (Jehovah is brother)(considered the same as at IIChron. 29:12) begot:
(8) Iddo/Adaiah/Jaddai who begot:
(9) Zerah (rising of the sun) who begot:
(10) Ethni (gift or munificent)and (10) Jeeterai/Jeatherai (?)
(7) Ethan (enduring) who begot:
(8) Adaiah who begot
(9) Zerah who begot
(10) Ethni who begot
(11) Malchiah/Malchijah (Yahweh is king)who begot
(12) Baaseiah (work of Yahweh) who begot
(13) Michael (who is like God?) who begot
(14) Shimea (renowned) who begot
(15) Berachiah/Berekiah/Barachiah (blessed of Yahweh or the Lord blesses) who begot
 (16) Asaph (collector, gatherer or the Lord has gathered for Himself) who was a musician, wrote Psalms 50, 73-78; was in charge of song as the ark was carried to Jerusalem.
(see: IChron. 6:39, 2 Chron. 29:30, and Neh. 7:34)
IChr.25:2, sons of Asaph, where he is called a prophet
Sons: Zaccur, Joseph, Nethaniah, Asarelah IIChr. 20:14, Jahaziel, son of Zechariah, son of Benaiah, son of Jeiel, son of Mattaniah, a Levite and descendent of Asaph (with King Jehoshaphat)

(2) Kohath (assembly), son of Levi. Lived 133 years. Gen 6:18 Children: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, Uzziel, Amminadab
(3) Amram (an exalted people) Married his father's sister, Jochebed. Lived 137 years. Children: Aaron, Moses, Miriam
 (4) Aaron (bright or shining) Married Elishiba, daughter of Amminadab, sister of Naashon. Children: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, Ithamar
 (5) Nadab (liberal, generous) &  Abihu (God is father) died offering strange fire to the Lord
 (5) Eleazar (God has helped) married a daughter of Putiel, who begot: IChron6:3
 (6) Phinehas/Phinias who begot:
(7) Abishua (father of deliverance)who begot:
(8) Bukki (proved of the Lord) who begot:
(9) Uzzi (my strength) who begot:
(10) Zerahiah (Yahweh has arisen or shone) who begot:
(11) Meraioth/Marioth (rebellious) who begot:
(12) Amariah (Yahweh has promised or the Lord has spoken) who begot:
(13) Ahitub (my brother is good or brother is goodness) who begot:
 (14) Zadok (righteous, or just) who begot: (? referred to at IChr.24:3)
(15) Ahimaaz (my brother is anger) who begot:
(16) Azariah (?) who begot:
IChron.6:9, has Johanan next, who begot:
Azariah, who served as priest in Jerusalem. Then, Azariah begot:
(17) Amariah (the Lord has spoken) who begot:
(18) Ahitub (my brother is good) who begot:
 (19) Zadok (?) who begot:
(20) Shallum/Meshullam IChron.9:11 (?) who begot:
(21) Hilkiah (?) who begot:
(22) Azariah (?) who begot:
(23) Seraiah (?) who begot:
(24) Jehozadak (?) who was exiled by Nebuchadnezzar

IChron. 9:10, priests returning after the exile, 1,760 in all:
(1) Jedaiah, Jehoiarib, Jakin, (2) Azariah son of Hilkiah son of Meshullam son of Zadok son of Meraioth, the son of Ahitub, the official in charge of the house of God
(3) Adaiah son of Jeroham the son of Pashhur the son of Malkijah
(4) Maasai son of Adiel the son of Jahzeerah the son of Meshullam the son of Meshillemith the son of Immer
(5) Ithamar (place of palms)
(?) Ahimalech, son of  Abiathar, a descendent who helped King David IChr. 24:3,6

 (4) Moses, son of Amram (Egyptian Mes/Mesu)  (extraction, to be born or son),
Children: Gershom and Eliezer
(5) Gershom begot a descendent:
 (6) Shubael in David's time & in charge of the treasury IChron. 23:16
(5) Eliezer begot IChron. 23:16
(6) Rehabiah who begot many sons.

(3) Izhar, son of Kohath (fresh oil or shining or may God be radiant) Children: Korah, Nephig, Zichri (IChr.23:18, 24:22 names Shelomith as first son, who begot Jahath)
(4) Nephig/Nepheg (sprout),
(4) Zichri/Zicri (memorable or my remembrance)
 (4) Korah (baldness) Num.16:1, against Moses. Children: Assir, Elkanah, Abiasaph
(5) Elkanah (God has possessed or created) who begot: IChron 6:25
(6) Amasai,
(6) Ahimoth
(7) Elkanah
(8) Zophai
(9) Nahath
(10) Eliab
(11) Jeroham
(12) Elkanah
(13) Samuel
who begot: (14) Joel and (14) Abijah
(5) Abiasaph/Ebiasaph, son of Zichri (my father has gathered) begot:
(6) Assir (captive) begot:
(7) Elkanah and
(7)Tahath (beneath , humble) "Tahath" is a stopping station in the desert Num. 33:26
(8) Zephaniah (Yahweh has hidden) who begot:
(9) Azariah (Yahweh strengthens, is strong, or has helped) who begot:
(10) Joel (Yahweh is God) who begot:
(11) Elkanah (God has created or possessed) who begot:
(12) Amasai (burdensome) who begot:
(13) Mahath (seizing) who begot:
(14) Elkanah (God has created or possessed) who begot:
(15) Zuph/Zophai (honeycomb) who begot:
(16) Toah (lowly) who begot:
(17) Eliel (God is God) who begot:
(18) Jeroham (may he have compassion)who begot:
(19) Elkanah (God has possessed or created) who begot:
(20) Shemuel/Samuel (name of God) who begot:
(21) Joel (Yahweh is God) who begot:
 (22) Heman (faithful) musician w/David IChron 6:33
IChr.25:4 lists 14 sons and 3 daughters, and calls him a seer

IChron.9:15, of the Levites returning to Israel after the exile (not the priests)
(1) Bakbakkar, Heresh, Galal, and Mattaniah son of Mica the son of Zicri the son of Asaph
(2) Obadiah son of Shemaiah the son of Galal the son of Jeduthun (Jeduthun is the name of one of the musicians for David IChr. 25:3, and his sons were: Gedaliah, Zeri, Jeshaiah, Shimei, Hashabiah, Mattithiah)
(3) Berekiah son of Asa the son of Elkanah

 The gatekeepers:
(4) Shallum (the chief), son of Kore, the son of Ebiasaph the son of Korah, were responsible for guarding the thresholds of the Tabernacle. In earlier times, Phinehas, son of Eleazar was in charge of the gatekeepers. IChron 9:22, David and Samuel had assigned this to the descendents of Korah.
(5) Akkub, Talmon, Ahiman and their brothers
(6) Zechariah son of Meshelemiah was the gatekeeper at the entrance to the Tabernacle

(3) Hebron, son of Kohath (association, alliance, or confederacy) begot:
Jeriah, Amariah, Jahaziel, Jekameam (IChr.23:19)
(3) Uzziel (my strength is God) begot:
 (4) Mishael (who is what God is), Lev.10:4 (called Micah at IChr. 23:20,24:24 who begot Shamir)
 (4) Elzaphan/Elizaphan (God has hidden, or protected), (called Isshiah at IChr. 23:20)
(4) Zithra/Sithri/Zichri (memorable)

(3) Amminadab, son of Kohath (my kinsman is generous) begot: IChron. 6:22
(4)Korah (baldness) who begot:
(5)Assir (captive) who begot:
(6)Elkanah (God has created or possessed) who begot:
(7)Ebiasaph/Abiasaph (father has increased) who begot:
(8) Assir (captive) who begot:
(9)Tahath (beneath, humble) who begot:
(10)Uriel (fiery Yahweh) who begot:
(11) Uzziah (Yahweh is my strength) who begot:
(12)Shaul/Saul/Joel (asked)

(2) Merari, son of Levi (bitter, unhappy, or bitterness) begot: Mahali, and Mushi
(3) Mahali/Mahli (sick) begot: (IChron.23:21, sons Eleazar and Kish. Eleazar had only daughters and they married the sons of Kish, their cousins). Children:
(4)Libni (white or of Libnah) who begot:
(5)Shimei/Shammua/Shimma/Shimeah (renowned, fame or God has heard) who begot:
(6)Uzza (strength) who begot:
(7) Shimea (renowned or God has heard) who begot:
(8) Haggiah (festival of Yahweh or born on a festival) who begot:
(9) Assaiah/Asaiah/Maaseiah (the Lord has made)

(3)Mushi, son of Merari (?) begot: (IChron. 23:21, sons Mahli, Eder, Jerimoth)
(4)Mahli (sick) who begot:
(5)Shamer/Shemer/Shomer (guard)who begot:
(6) Bani/Benaiah (built or founder) who begot:
(7) Amzi (strong or my strength), who begot:
(8) Hilkiah (Yahweh is my portion), who begot:
(9)Amaziah (Yahweh is strong)who begot:
(10)Hashabiah (the Lord has taken account) who begot:
(11)Malluch (counselor) who begot:
(12)Abdi (servant of Yahweh) who begot:
(13) Kishi/Kushaiah (gift?) (who begot:
 (14) Ethnan/Ethan (gift, hire) who played music for Solomon during building the temple

IChron 9: 14, returning from the exile:
(1) Shemaiah son of Hasshub the son of Azrikam the son of Hashabiah, a Merarite
 IChr. 24:6, a Levite, Shemiah, son of Nethanel, was a scribe for David

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