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Verses quoted are from King James' translation
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Genealogy 1: Reuben

Sources for this genealogical chart are:
Genesis, Numbers, IChronicles, Exodus

Roman #=Inheritor/alternate spellings (meaning of name) Lived years.
Children: In order of their birth or of their scriptural listing
(#'s) reflect # of generations from section head
 = this person connected to the time of Moses.
 = a chieftain or namesake of a military
division in the time of Moses.
 = this person was connected to King David

XXII. Jacob (to supplant or seize at the heel) also: Israel (wrestles with God or a match of a god)
Lived 147 yrs. His children were all born during the second seven years of servitude to Laban except for Benjamin. He had twelve sons, and one daughter. Jacob's age when his children were born is figured from his age when he entered Egypt. He was 130 when Joseph was 39 (at 30 he took power, 7 years of lean, 2 years of drought). Thus, Jacob was between 84 and 91 when all his children were born.
The Sons of Israel:
1. Reuben, by Leah, Rachel's sister
2. Simeon, by Leah
3. Levi, by Leah
4. Judah, by Leah
5. Dan, by Bilhah, Rachel's maid
6. Naphtali, by Bilhah
7. Gad, by Zilpah, Leah's maid
8. Asher, by Zilpah
9. Issachar, by Leah
10. Zebulun, by Leah
      A daughter, Dinah
11. Joseph, by Rachel
12. Benjamin, by Rachel

1. Reuben (behold a son! and yet, "Reu" is friend, and "ben" is son= Reu + ben)
Children: Hanoch, Phallu, Hezron, Carmi, Gen. 46:9
(2)  Hanoch/Henoch (dedicated)
(2)  Phallu/Pallu/Peleth (excelling or distinguished), Children: Eliah, On
(3)Eliah/Elijah/Eliab (my god is Jehovah or Yahweh) Children: Nemuel, Dathan, Abirim
(4)  Dathan (strong)
(5)  Abirim (my father is exalted)
 (3) On (light, vigor, or wealth)  Dathan, Abirim, & On, revolted with Korah (a Levite) against Moses Num. 16:1, Num. 26:9
 (2) Hezron/Esron (enclosed)
 (2) Carmi (vine dresser) (possibly Caleb of IChron 4:1)
 Num. 1:5, Elizur, the son of Shedeur chieftain with Moses
IChron. 5:3-4, having skipped ?generations? seems to name the following as descendents:

The descendents of (1)Joel who begot
(2) Shemaiah, who begot
(3) Gog, who begot
(4) Shimei, who begot
(5) Micah, who begot
(6) Reaiah, who begot
(7) Baal, who begot
(8) *Beerah, leader of the Reubenites, and taken into exile.
 IChron. 5:7, Jeiel, the chief, Zechariah and Bela, son of Azaz, the son of Shema, the son of Joel.  During Saul's reign they waged war against the Hagrites, and occupied the land east of Gilead.

Other genealogies:

King David

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