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Do I Love You?


I don't know if I really love you.

It could just be
That your smile bewitched me
You actually resemble the sunshine when you smile
It warms the heart and lights up the eyes.

It could be that
In my vanity I saw your face
And desired it for my kisses
A goodly fruit to admire and display
A medal of honor to my character.

I don't know
Maybe your amorous advances flattered me
Or perhaps I was surprised and unprepared
Swept off my feet and fainted straight away
From shame or shyness or fear

Did I feel a power in you?
Oh, I did. I did.
What woman wouldn't be swayed.

I don't know if I really love you
Can one man really be all things
Brother, father, priest, lover, friend
And not be just an apparition?

Perhaps you know
When you look in my eyes
Feel my arms embrace you
When I touch your hair
And lean against you when you speak
Can you tell the truth?
Do I really love you?

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