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Out Of The Blue


Strangers and actors
Acting strangely...
Coming to my window wooing me.

Deep within the dark, I spy
Gazing far beyond, and past them
Into the light
Catching specks of fire out of the blue
That might open my eyes
That might warm the cold
That might lessen the memory of you.

I became naked... hating them...
But all emotion is falsehood inside me now.
Funny... to have been led into such a place
Even inspiration has become emasculated.
I am a slave.

The fear that drove me... then...
Was the only thing to save me...
And that was the prize you got...
For being loved by me.
And I was strangled in it...
With you as the hangman.

I remember now... you were the stranger...
Coming out of the blue.
I opened my arms
And you came to kill.
And dead I am.
No one will have the honor again.

I've learned what morality is...
It is looking upon another's nakedness
And seeing only you.

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