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How Thick the Leaves Are!


How thick the leaves are!

If there was a path
Then it would show
How thick the leaves are
And I question this forest
Tromp-tromping as I go
But the leaves have long been still.

The trees wave blindly
Bidding no creature
Forbidding no creature
Only being...
Their feeding of sunlight rests now
Deep in their bosoms.

Once so demanding
They cast such a darkness
They shed such a perfume
That shrouded the world below
Rising to new greatness
Then timely...
Very timely...
Falling asunder
Into their darkness
Into their perfume
Drowning themselves into their own.

It is good that I walk here
But I must walk tenderly
And I must watch cautiously
Or some likely-pondering creature
Might cast me adrift here
Where the whirlwind is silence
Where the whirlpool is vastness
And wild things stand sentinel
Over what life is left here.

I shall not dare far here
For even the trees would consume me
Embracing my lifeness
Till lonely and silent
I am among them...
The leaves and the muskwoods...
And can tromp not a footstep
From this garden of dead things
This eternal vigil
That shadows...
And then suffers...
One who would graze here.

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