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A Curse Not A Cure


We've chased the dragons from the mire
We've tamed the monsters of the deep
We've found a work to fill our day
We've found a peace to ease our sleep

We've trudged through many a wilderness
We've met the peoples of the earth
We see our world in total now
We've some to measure our own worth

We've climbed the highest mountain peaks
We've skimmed the deepest ocean bed
We've touched the planetary orbs
We've even walked the lunar dreg

We've made the earth a man's domain
We've taken all that man can take
We've wrestled life into the ground
We're making all that we can make

The road is ending somewhere here
The road cannot for long endure
For when we cross the bounds of home
We find our curse and not our cure

We find only a mirror of what we seek
And lose the real goal of our search
A world for us to love and feel.

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