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August 2, 2011

I don't go.
But I went...
My son wanted to go.
They had free pizza
After the service.

It was a TV church
With a set up like a studio...
The tops of all the walls
Were studded with lights
And speakers
And cameras.
We were part of the show.

The handsome preacher spoke to God
Calling him "Daddy."
"Daddy, I need to ask... blah blah"
And then there was prayer
And all bowed their heads...
In an expression of deep respect.

Now, as for me
I like to watch.
I don't follow someone else's prayers.
If they are waxing holy
I let them
But... I keep my distance.
I came to watch.

But... I'll be darned...
If I didn't feel an urge
To bow my head in...
Well... in the most solemn way.
I felt solemn, too.
I might have even
Folded my hands
And got to feeling pretty holy.

Something must have been
Put in the koolaid.
I about puked at myself.
I'm not sure if I even ate
The free pizza.

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