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Men trash women
First they trash themselves
Making themselves men with whores
Then find dissatisfaction in innocence
Impatience with a wife novice
Not hot enough for their refined taste
Not time to nurture or care
Just blasting off a good one
Like a boy with a toy
And wondering why a woman
Feels less than a woman

Men trash love
Too masculine for the sweetness of it
They leave it as a tool for sex
Farcical romance like a pre-game show
Trying to warm up a cold woman
Then wondering why their game didn't work
And mad when the woman stares coldly at him
Loosing their sense of manness anyway.

Sex is great
An art for whores to celebrate
Without love leaves a half-life
Turning men into machines
And women into butts of jokes

We don't seem to respect each other
Or graduate
From fools to real men.

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