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Not For Sale


I've kept my sweets in a little box
Where no one can find them.
Nope... can't have them.
They can rummage through my house
And undo every drawer...
But they won't find my sweet things.

Every now and then...
I check on it.
Yep. All's good.
I dream on it a bit,
But I don't even want to think too much
Cuz the sweet stuff
Can't be found til you get to the bottom...
And is only good when you share it.
I kinda know what's in it,
But I haven't tasted it quite yet.
I only dream a little.

There are no recipes.
There are no tricks or props.
There is really no magic.
There is only sweet things.
Beautiful, beautiful sweet things...
Saved for a beautiful day... or so.
To make a beautiful day... or so.

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