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In Our Dreams

1970's ?

I've followed you
With my loves
Until the sky
Blue and white
Cooled and dimmed
And burst into color
And darkened, darkened away.

Did you know
That I followed you
With my love
As you moved along
Your paces never tiring
Your head - strong -
Your arms - barely flaggling -
Your eyes - distant-
Then wakening
To find yourself again
Moving onward.
You never stopped.

I didn't tell you I followed you
With my love.
Your vision was a mission
And I was merely a dream
As in another world
As a shadow
I was only part of this scene
Because I stayed in a dream
To wake you
Would destroy the beauty of it.

I followed you in your dream
My eyes wrapping you
With a sweet tear to warm your face
And dreams coming to me.
Being closer
Would have wakened me
Wrapped as I was... by you
Loving you so innocently...
Don't waken, darling
Your dreams are beautiful.

You must have heard me
Breathing low behind you.
I hadn't meant to come so close
You blinked and sighed
And stopped and breathed
And found me close to you
As startled as you
But not surprised at all.

You squinted at me
Then slightly smiled
As you so gently took my arm
Kissed me dearly on my cheek
And took me arm in arm
So slowly now
To the vision that...
Comes when it will
To be there with you
To chuckle together.

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