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Cry Is Blue

1970's ?

Cry is blue.
Sky is blue.
When there isn't a cloud in the sky
When the haze of earth has lifted away
Then the sky is truly blue.

Cry is blue.
Sea is blue.
Alive is the sea, powerful and moving
It seems to dominate fate as men brave it.
Yet, it is not a force in itself,
Only the life of other forces.

Bounded by land, pushed by gravity
Roused by lunar enchantment
The sea is the slave of hard realities
And a distant beckoning.
The sea is blue.

Cry is blue.
Within you there is a piece of sky.
Within you lives the sea.
You ride the waves of emotions
And you touch the sky.
The feeling of life rises within us
And we cry, we cry, we cry.

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