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Love Beauty Love

1980's ?

Once she was there...
In the beauty of love...
She looked around for all her things...
Jealous for them.

She wanted them all
To be safe... at home...
Where they were only sweet
Not forgotten
In someone else's life.
She wanted them back in her life.

She couldn't bear it...
To be even touched by another.
Her heart was opened
And everything that entered
Became part of her.
Sensations merged into her own emotions
Like drinking might just as well do.

Every touch...
She drank in.
Every tone of voice
Merged into her heart.
Every command
Ruled her being.

She was jealous for them...
The things of beauty...
The pieces of her lover...
To drink only from him...
To not be pressed upon
Or commanded by anyone
But only totally drinking in her love.

Was that his voice?
The tones moved in her
Like a dance to his music
Was that his voice?
She would follow it... follow it... follow it.
Was that his voice?
She would follow no other.

For anyone to dare intrude
Was like lies being forced on her
Was like a theft.
It belonged only to her love.
All she was...
To be ruled so deeply by him
Was sure
And the dance could be born.

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