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To Keep A Dream Sacred


Don't want to live my life
Just being somebody new
Don't want to come around
Just to have something to do
Don't want to dream my dreams
Just to see me through

They thought that they could change me
But I've been there before
I've seen the empty-hearted
Walking through that door
And all the doubting blinded
Keep asking God for more
When all they have to do
Is to believe.

I once thought I was lonely
Somewhere along the way
'Cause people for companions
Was such a price to pay
Their values always chained me
The cause for my delay
I'm just a little speck
Amid the sand.

Perhaps in dreams tomorrow...
As we come is as we go...
Our dreams will come to flower
Where the peaceful waters flow
I'll keep my dream seed sacred
In the hands that truly know
The perfection of a dream
That seems so real.

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