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Coming Into Love


Love me as a baby
Hold me like a mother
After she gives birth
Fill me with your love
Warm me in your arms
Rock me to sleep.

Love me as a child
I am not so wise to you
This new life is strange to me
Gently guide me in your ways
Til I am strong
And come to stand on my own.

Love me as a new woman
I have blossomed and
Grow more female in every way
I can stand next to you
And share in your new manness
Kiss me
Take my innocence
But leave my innocence
Show me the woman I am.

Love me as a wife
Be jealous of me
Stand behind me
Stand in front of me
Set me free, and
Call me back to you
Be all mine.

Love me as a mother
Ask me for love
And let me give it to you
Be good just for me.
Share your great projects
Play a game with me
And I'll let you win.

Love this woman
Through and through
Be my whole world
Know my soul
The more I love you
The closer we are.

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