The Brights

October 5, 2011

We have really brilliant minds
And I try sometimes
To figure it out...
Not really knowing the details...
Just speculating...

It must be like a great transmitter...
Every thought like a spider
With strikers going everywhere
And all thoughts going back to it...
Pieces of little thoughts
Connecting to each other...
Familiar patterns meeting...
Til one thought has components
Of hundreds of other thoughts
In a split second of time.

Like a thousand points of light
Forming clusters
And once formed
That one single thought
Gets put like a cookie
In a cookie jar...
With the label "sugar cookie"
Or "doo doo cookie."

Anyone can explore
Their own cookie jar
Nibbling from one to another
And putting them back whole again.

What happens
When a cookie gets lost?
Or someone makes the sugar cookie
Go into the doo doo jar?

I wonder
Is it possible
To make all the sugar cookies
Go into the doo doo jar?

Just a thought.

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