My Blue Jeans Dress

September 28, 2011

When I was nineteen years old
I liked sewing and designing.
I had designed several things from jeans...
Patched old jeans with decorations...
Made a purse with the pockets on each side...
And then I found an old pair of jean overalls...
Likely from some old farmer's closet
Tossed... and sent to Goodwill.

I made a dress.
I had to wear it with a belt though
To keep it from just hanging
But... not always.
I wore it with blouses or sun shirts
Pretty blouses... when I went out at night
Or to a concert.
With a belt it didn't look bad at all.

There may only be one picture of that dress.

My brother's girlfriend, Pam
Followed me out the door
One day when I had dropped by...
And as I walked away
She called to me... "Smile!"
So I turned just part way around
Looking more over my shoulder
Than turning my body completely
And... smiled... a sort of gay smile
Sort of... sad smile.

And she clicked her camera.
I don't know why she decided to
But... she took a picture of me
As I left her house
In my blue jeans dress.

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