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The Structure of Society

The concepts of communism, socialism, and fascism emerged at a time when citizens were seeking the end of treacherous monarchies and seeking the formation of an ideal society. But there has always been a problem with these concepts. They are concepts that must be forced upon all the citizens. And they do not protect them from the ravaging of tyrants. Tyrants will always seek power and advantage, and will emerge through any possible hole.

As we embark on an age of over-population we need to resolve the problems of our societies. We should begin by grounding ourselves in truth... and adhering to truth. These "isms" may seem to solve some problems... but in the end they are not condusive or reflective of truth. Our humanity will reject them.

In the original story of Cinderella, an interesting comparison was described. When the prince went throughout the kingdom saying that he would marry the girl whose foot fit the glass slipper... Cinderella's step-sisters went so far as to cut off their own toes in order to get the chance to marry the prince. Only as the girl rode off... and blood dripped from her foot did the prince realize the deception.

Similarly... as human beings we can force our feet to fit into some ideal version of society, but if it does not fit naturally... it is only a deception... and will be no ideal at all. But one thing is true... we must live side by side with each other... with a sense of living with justice in our lives.

As the populations become more educated, they will need better answers. Those that are educated need to be mindful of the fear that looms in the minds of those who aren't educated... who don't understand this complicated modern world. Often they must rely on others for understanding... and don't know who to trust.

The most basic concern is to eliminate suffering and abject poverty. And so, any social system must have a level below which it does not allow its citizens to go... or it can make no grand claims of its moral or social integrity. And we must understand the parameters of what freedom is... it surely is maturity.

We can structure an ideal society without losing our freedoms.
It is all about the structure.

The currency of solutions is not in money... it is in IDEAS. Perhaps the solutions are easier than we might ever have thought, and cost less than we could ever have believed. We truly CAN create a society that has a place for all its many citizens, if only we rethink the HOW and the WHY that we do things.

As we look forward into our future... we might well see a world... where human labor is reduced or eliminated, at the same time that the populations increase or stabilize. The result will be that "employment" or "jobs" ...as we know them... will drastically change.

In such a society... stability can only be managed if our lives become low-maintenance. Most citizens would eventually become self-sufficient. This means that homes no longer cost so much that it takes a lifetime to pay for them. This means that most of one's food would come from personal gardens or co-ops with farmers and ranchers. This means that there will be self-perpetuating home energy without a monthly cost. This means that transportation will be easy and cheap.

In the future, it may mean that a person would only need to work part-time to maintain a suitable and comfortable lifestyle. It could be that the citizenry might only work ten years to establish that self-sufficient state, and there-after devote his/her life to a completely independent lifestyle... devoted to the arts or other hobbies and interests.

Thus, there would evolve a very active social system of groups of people with similar interests... formed from something more than drinking beer, watching football, or playing video games. Much of our free time now is spent relieving the stress from our overworked lives. What few precious hours we aren't working... are spent dealing with the stress of that structure of our lives. It is too much.

When there is an abundance of free time, our educated citizenry would be active in many intellectual pursuits. There may well form groups such as:
1. Performing arts, in categories of the various forms of stage plays.
2. Musical groups of all kinds
3. Gardening clubs centered around roses, flowers, or gardening food.
4. Reading clubs that meet to discuss any kind of literature
5. Historical groups who travel to see the sites of history
6. Cooking clubs of all sorts
7. Arts fairs to display the artwork of talented artisans and crafters
8. Beautification of homes and yards

And yet... there is work to do that before this time... was considered too time-consuming. Citizens might volunteer... as their tax payment... to take care of these common needs on a rotating basis. Rather than paying money... citizens might be assigned a duty, to settle tax dues either for yearly dues, or to settle for multiple years of dues... depending on the type of duty it is... as their tax payment to the common good. Such things as:

1. The maintenance of healthy forests and environment, even in our cities
2. Rocking of the edges of rivers and creeks to reduce erosion
3. The regular washing of buildings and streets.
4. Neighborhood security patrols.
5. Sweeping salty sand off the roads after a de-icing during the winter.
6. Etc. of any needs that the common government might have, to accept an exchange in "duty" rather than money for tax payments.

At the moment, our reality is different.

For now, this is my contribution to the discussion about how we can create a better world. The essays that follow... ended up being inter-dependent. One project is tied into another. The housing solutions are tied into the jobs solutions. The tax solutions are tied into jobs, restructuring, and revitalization. One solution can't work unless the other solutions are there to complement the impact of it.

The end-game is the absolute reduction in the cost of implementing solutions for our society. These solutions are set up to either pay for themselves or to make better use of the resources at play... or to generate revenues to eventually cover the cost of their implementation. Now... wouldn't that be ideal?

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