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August 7, 2014

There are no "fast food" restaurants around here, but there is a pretty good hamburger joint... with 50's style decor and feel. It's small... with a snack bar and maybe six tables. They serve a variety of fare... and home-cut french fries. I stop in for a hamburger every once-in-a-while.

So... the other day... there was a guy in there having "red chili and cheese french fries" and we struck up a conversation. He was around my age, more or less, with a long pony tail and farmer's jeans. There were a lot of local farmers in town because it was the first day of hunting season, and they were all getting their license and tags. We struck up a friendly country conversation. I had just come from the library. We both liked reading, although we had differing tastes in the kind of books we read.

I can't remember how the subject got around to privacy or... government. So... anyway... he begins telling me a story about how at the last census... he got the LONG form. He said he sent it back without filling in any of the questions. Then... some months later... an IRS clerk showed up at his door... asking the questions face to face... in order to finish the census data.

He said he just stood there looking at her... and after every question he'd answer "none of your business" -- and the clerk would write as his answer "none of your business." So on and so on... for all the questions on the survey... the same answer was written down... "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS."

We both laughed at this scene. I said, "It's sounds a little like a conversation I had once with my son. I was asking him about something... and he just kept saying "Nunya. And so I said to him... 'Nunya?' what is 'Nunya???'... and he answered...

Hilarious conversation, eh?

August 10, Super Moon

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