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August 4, 2014

August 4 -- Happy Birthday to my Dad


On the weekend of July 25-26, the town of Mancos had "Mancos Days" -- which is a big community get-together and small town fair. I didn't make it to the concerts (rock, country bands) in the park at night, but I was in town during the day, having gone to the library... which I do most days... trying to catch up on projects.

my work table at the library

At the fair were booths selling T-shirts etc. or selling food, -- a pie-eating competition, ball tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, square dancing, a kiddie train made from oil barrels and pulled by a small tractor. You get the idea. There was a booth selling Gyros, and this was my chance to get one, but... I just couldn't make myself pay the $10. I stopped and talked with a juggler who was performing off to the side in the shade with his tip can out. He couldn't light the "flaming bar" he was twirling because of the fire ban.

Mancos Library was also celebrating the 5th Anniversary of its opening. There was an appearance by the author of "La Grulla," who lives locally. He read a few pages from his book -- which was an award-winning and well-written western fiction... the story taking place in the Durango area. Afterwards there was free cake and locally made ice cream.

Also... the library was having a book sale. I have to watch it because so many books interest me... but I no longer have a place to put them. I picked up a couple for 50 cents. The next Monday in the lobby of the library were boxes and boxes of books that were left over from the sale --

"FREE. Take as many as you want. The only rule is DON'T BRING THEM BACK!!"

Well... since they were FREE and all... I grabbed about ten more books that looked interesting, including some nice wildflower and cacti reference guides. I figured that I'd need to read a few of these pretty quick so they wouldn't start bouncing around in the van -- with no place to store them. As soon as they are finished... to the Thrift Store they will go.

A couple of these books were not... well... not readable. (Is insanity contagious?? I might have become a little nuts if I had tried to make sense of the story line.) Tossed.

I read "Full-Time RVing" which added some info to those things I already knew.

Then I read "Titanic Thompson... the Man Who Would Bet on Anything."
This was an interesting biography of Alvin Thomas, who won and lost millions playing cards, performing amazing tricks, and betting big money on the golf course. He was so good at golf that he beat golfers who went on to win PGA tournaments... playing either left-handed or right-handed as part of his "game" betting strategy.

I am now in the middle of Michael Moore's book, "Downsize This" -- which was published in 1997 -- and which is so bold and revealing that I will have to keep it for reference. He really pulls the plug on the con game that has been played on the American people and other subjects that control our lives. Very good book.

Moore has a chapter telling the directions to Brentwood from South Los Angeles... "Don't burn your own town... burn theirs." As it happens, NPR had a news report about how oil companies borrow money to fund their "fracking" projects... and that usually a fracked well will only produce for a year... after which it ceases to bring oil. It has become a game of catch-up where they have to keep borrowing to keep their heads above water... so to speak. Not to worry -- sometime soon they should legalize golf carts on the roads... the electric car for the common man.

Reading is good, but I've got projects of my own to work on... so... although one might think I have all the time in the world... I stay quite busy. I just can't do two things at one time. So... I just keep a list of what needs to be done... and get to it when I can fit it into my day.

I'm still working on a way to get some healthcare.
Becoming a resident costs MONEY... !!

And... I found out there is a hitch to the Colorado legalization of cannabis.
They keep a record of who buys it because there is a limit to what you can buy in a 24-hour period. What a game it all is... !! The Mancos town council approved zoning for a cannabis shop and word is... it will be open for business some time near the end of September. Other hitch -- IT COSTS TOO MUCH !! Ah... well.

August 7, A Dog Named Blessing

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