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August 21, 2014

I was sick. I would get dizzy spells with any activity at all. My appetite was gone. I felt generally un-well. I needed to get to a lower altitude. I drove north to Montrose and felt a little better, but as soon as I could I was heading back to Cortez... or somewhere else.

I had spent some of my time these past couple of months thinking about where I might go when the weather turned cold. Quartzite Arizona would start to fill up during September and October... with the best spots taken. I had ideas of other areas around that area... but... I was discovering that dispersed camping has a few downsides.

There are nice people who do primitive camping in the National Forests... but there are some questionable people who haunt those forests, too. It is much better to have a group of campers for all the backup and security you'd need. I had hoped to see lots of RVers taking advantage of free camping... but they weren't camping where I was.

Also... there are roads that street vehicles can trek on easily enough... but most roads are gravel and are meant for 4-wheel off-road vehicles... with tires and equipment made for that purpose. And... I wasn't sure if I wanted to rely on New Mexico, Utah, or Arizona police. Everybody's trigger happy these days. And I've heard it said... "I drive straight through Texas without stopping."

I had learned a lot about this way of life... and I needed to recoup.
I would head back to Oklahoma.

I drove south from Montrose... through Ridgway... through Rico... through Dolores... ate supper at Cortez... and kept traveling south towards Gallup. I parked overnight at a Walmart... and headed east the next morning.

the road south from Cortez --- Gallup walmart anniversary cake

Luckily enough, the weather was cool most of the way to Oklahoma. Only in Oklahoma did it get hot enough that I used my air conditioner. And I missed the rain several times. South of Cortez I kept seeing rain clouds... but it passed, And out of Gallup, too. But I did keep seeing rainbows. I must have seen four or five really nice rainbows after leaving Colorado.

And my van... made it all the way. I felt the transmission slipping every once in a while... but nothing major at all. Only on a rare hill did I notice it. But... I wasn't back in Oklahoma a week before the transmission went out... completely. Now I couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to.

And so ends my Colorado adventure.
I met some very nice people and spent some good time with nature... saw some pretty scenery... lived in some interesting places... and learned a few things. Where I go from here... I do not know.

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