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August 18, 2014

The road climbed between Rico and Telluride. I passed some high mountain camps and scenic view pull-offs along the way. There were quite a few primitive RV campers on the side roads off of the highway north. This was too primitive for me.


Then I took the turn-off towards Telluride.


speed limit in Telluride is 15 mph

These pictures were taken on my trip back south from Ridgway. It was not a busy day on the streets of Telluride, as you can see. However, on the day I first arrived in Telluride... going north from Rico... before going on to Ridgway... there was a mushroom festival, and the town was crazy busy with people. The reason you have to go so slow is because the blocks are short, and at every intersection there are people crossing to the other side.

There is also single lane parking right down the middle of the street, for which you must get a permit. I figured that these spots are intended for the shop owners. Telluride has four or five blocks of small stores... some that look not six feet wide. It is known as a hippie haven... and there are shops that cater to the hip people.

There are also street venders. I didn't get out of my van to walk around... but... if I saw correctly... and if I remember correctly... Burrito for $13.00. There are benches along the sidewalks, and there were many people using them... people watching. I remember one couple... having a great time... laughing.

I couldn't help but feel that... well... I just wasn't cool enough to walk down the streets of Telluride... or rich enough. The cost of living is outrageous there... and I wouldn't even bother to go into a shop. What was I going to buy anyway...? And... no... I didn't see the cannabis shop, either.

I did not feel at home in Telluride. I didn't even want to camp. I drove on to Ridgway.

August 18, Ridgway

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