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Summer Storms

August 16, 2014

First -- a few pictures around Cortez.

the Cortez public pool ------- view south of Cortez

laundry pool table     laundry rules
the people's laundry

I guess you CAN play a game of pool while you do your laundry. One of the rules is: "2nd ball on the floor ends your game.

Denny Lake Park in Cortez

There are several shady areas to park along the driveway through Denny Lake Park. The parking lot around back is for fishermen and day picnickers. I'll usually park about half-way down the drive past the toilets. Even on a hot day, the shade keeps you quite cool.

There's lots of activity around here... for a park on the far edge of town. Yesterday a class of high school kids had their gym class on the grass in the shade. As I drank my morning coffee, I watched the teacher (a young man) lead the class in stretching poses... one of which was a NEW ONE TO ME !! Now... I've taken several gym classes throughout my schooling history... and studied yoga for a time... but... I don't remember the pose where you bend over, stick your ass in the air, put your hands on your knees, and curl your spine to look upward. I must say... it certainly looked like a STRANGE pose to me... watching from the ass side of the view.

Then... bright orange cones were lined up... and the teacher explained the rules to some sort of relay race. Four lines of people, single file... across a space of maybe 20 feet. The object of the game seemed to be... throw a frisbee to the line opposite you... run to the end of the line on that opposite side... do 10 push-ups and get back in line. The teacher was on a team himself... and was doing 20 push-ups on his own turn... so... maybe the kids were supposed to do 20 push-ups and snuck by with just 10.

gym class

But... then... I don't know. These kids looked like decent kids all-in-all... and not cheaters... and consistently did exactly 10 push-ups... so... I'm thinking the teacher... well... was some kind of over-achiever of some kind...?? or... well... I had visions of monks who would deliberately punish themselves as a way of purifying their souls. He was a small-framed guy... and was just wearing himself out... wiping his face and smoothing back his sweaty hair.

I was reminded of a newspaper article I read... some teacher in Utah was arrested for child-molestation... and had just transferred from Cortez School District, where he had taught for 15 years. Well, anyway... these kids were all over the place, with no perceptible order to their lines. THEN-- after 20-30 minutes of this madness -- the teacher started another game... which looked to be some kind of frisbee football... which... once they started playing it... looked more nuts than that dumb relay race.

I walked to the toilet about the same time they were leaving (they must have been out there for 1 1/2 hours... assuring a day of sweaty clothes. One girl gave up smoothing her hair back.) I asked someone... "Are you a youth group from a church...?" and along comes the teacher... "No, we're from the school." -- I said, "I thought school didn't start until August 19..."

Between breaths, the teacher explained... "We started early so we could have more 3-day weekends." (or was it... "we have a 4-day school week, and 3-day weekends...?) Whatever.

For my Friday evening entertainment, I watched as a storm built to the west. I had a perfect view in the Walmart parking lot, and sat in my camping chair drinking my evening coffee... watching the great cloud formations.

clouds building east of Cortez ----- clouds building west of Cortez

Just after dark, a van pulled up and parked nearby where I was parked. I heard some racket... and looked and... seven people... walking towards Walmart. After a bit, I heard some more racket... and they had all returned... and were waiting in line outside the van, until each one could get into the van.

DON'T ASK ME... I DON'T KNOW where you put seven people in a van...!!!

August 18, Car Talk

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