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The Cortez Library

August 14, 2014

Cortez Library

When you walk up to the Cortez Library, you will see a table outside the door with boxes of books on it... with a sign saying, "Free Stuff." So... I stopped to browse through them and found a travel book...
"National Geographic's Guide to the Interstates - Crossing America."

Stepping into the mud-room/small foyer are several portable shelf units with books and videos for sale. I saw a sign, "Cookbooks," as I passed on into the library proper. I asked a man behind a desk... "Is it possible for me to use your wi-fi connection?" He replied,
"You can get right in without a password. The network is 'Cortez Library'."

Then I asked... "Where can I set up my computer?" He pointed to a few tables near-by... then said that there were more tables along the north wall, as well. I thanked him and then looked around.

There was a large circle of... twelve computer bays... and twelve more bays on the other side of the aisle. All the computers were occupied... and there were extra chairs pulled up besides... filling up the area... with teenagers. There were signs posted that seemed appropriate for teenagers... "Turn off all cell phones while using the computers." In fact... there were a LOT of teenagers throughout the library... and more coming and going as if quite at home there.

I found my way to the back wall. There were three long tables... each with just two chairs. But... there was only one outlet for each table. The only place with an open outlet was a chair very close to a couple of comfortable-looking padding reading chairs... with a man sitting well-back into the chair near my outlet.

I said, "I guess I'll have to intrude on your space a bit. This is the only open outlet." And I began setting up my laptop. He replied jokingly... "It all depends on what a person considers a suitable 'personal space,' doesn't it...?" I chuckled and said, "Ya, I guess so. I imagine it has something to do with... assessing a threat... or body odor."

Then he began telling me a story that happened when he was in training to work with the physically handicapped. -- "The teacher had the class pair off from each other across the room. One line of students would take a step at a time towards the person opposite him/her. The person standing still was told to put up a palm... to halt... when he/she felt that the approaching person was entering their personal space... and making them feel uncomfortable.

"I guess I have no sense at all of "my personal space" because it never once bothered me. In fact, the girl stepping towards me stopped herself... because she had come very close and now felt her own space being crossed."

Then he explained... (if I remember)... something about his wife working on a book and how she and a friend edited each others' work. I think this was in reference to psychology studies... I can't remember why this was mentioned.

Then I smiled and said, "Oh, she's a writer...? Guess what I am..." And... as I was finished setting up for work... I opened my notes and started editing.

I worked for an hour or so... and... found out later... that the chairs at these tables were not the proper height... they were too short. With all the editing I was doing... pictures, etc... I had to keep raising my arms to reach the keys... repeatedly... repeatedly. I aggravated my non-existent rotor cuff injury. (Don't tell the workman comp doctors... or the MRI technician). Now... two days later... I'm just getting where I can raise my arms again... without pain... er, AT ALL.

So... I want to do as little work as possible at this library.
I can't decide... should I stay...? or should I go...? Heck... I like Cortez. I'll stick around a little longer.

ink drawing on the wall at the library

August 16, Summer Storms

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