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August 11, 2014

There are few (if any) places to park in the shade in Cortez. There are several very nice parks... with tables in the shade... but I like to sit in the van on my cot... out of the wind. As luck would have it... there was ONE park on the edge of town by a small fishing lake... with shaded parking!!!

I sat with a nice cool breeze blowing through the van... listening to my Sunday programs on the radio... then took a break to get out of the van and walk around a bit. As I passed a picnic shelter... where two guys were setting up a barbecue... two chiwawa dogs (who cares how it's spelled) ran right up to me and began yapping and yapping. Too much noise!!! (not really good technique, either, for a watch dog).

One guy kept calling them to "come" and they'd go to him and then turn around and run right back at me and continue their Yap! Yap! Yapping!! Then their larger collie came around from behind me... reached his nose around... and quietly sniffed at my crotch. So sneaky he was!! I kicked my knee up and backed off from him.

I happen to not like this crotch sniffing routine that dogs do. I usually mention this to the dog owner... "I don't like dogs sniffing at my crotch"... and their usual reaction is... "oh, that's just what dogs do." (Uh... ya... I know that much). And, yes, Mary Beth said it to me ten days ago when her dog, Blessing, put her nose in my crotch. Then, Mary acted like I was in social denial of dog behavior... and that I should just deal with it. (Tell me... is this an insult towards me?... or not.) And it is rare that a dog owner will control a dog when it is doing this to people. Nobody every asks, "Do you mind if my dog wipes his nose on your crotch?"

I was reminded just the other day of how dogs get to know each other.

Mary and Blessing were in my camp when two women hikers came by with their three dogs. Blessing wanted to play... and so she bounded over to the dogs... tried to sniff each one's asshole... and then (as a courtesy, I suppose)... stuck her own ass right in their faces. I guess all this is dog talk for "nice to know ya" and/or "here's who I am." I find the whole thing quite... un-refined??? Is that the word?

So... I sat and thought seriously about this quandary. Am I being unreasonable? Should I act like one of the dogs and let other dogs sniff my crotch as a sign of "how do you do"...? I need to come to terms with this... as it seems, since I'm camping and many people have dogs... that this dog routine will be repeated again and again.

I wondered about the logic of it all.

What exactly is accomplished when one dog sniffs another dog's ass...? (We'll confine the discussion to DOG behavior towards other dogs, for the moment.) Can they smell what kind of food the other eats...? Will they recognize their urine smell when they sniff every tree and bush...? Is this done to check and verify the sex of the other dog...? just in case they had an "inclination"??? If so... if a dog was "fixed"... what purpose would checking sex organs serve, then...??

Have dogs always done this sniffing routine...?? or is this like a custom that began with one stupid rude dog, and then as dogs associated with each other... got passed on to all the other dogs... and so all it really is... is LEARNED behavior... and not NATURAL behavior. If the custom had been to sit and smile at the other... then all the dogs would do THAT as an introduction... instead of SNIFFING THE ASS...!!!

Well... as it happened... only one dog wanted to play with Blessing after she "introduced herself"... the littlest dog of the three. Or... was it... that the little dog began running away from Blessing (three times as big as she)... tried to get away from her... didn't want her ass sniffed... and Blessing gave chase.

As the two dogs ran in a circle around my camp, Mary was delighted to watch. But... I had my reservations about... what had really happened... and how the little dog got stuck in this game of chase. Maybe the little dog DIDN'T WANT BLESSING SNIFFING HER ASS...??? hmmmm....??? hmmmm....???

Well... I'm going to stick with my objections to having my crotch sniffed by dogs... and I don't think a dog should gather from this that I "don't liked" him/her... or that I'm a dog hater... or that I don't understand animal behavior. I DO NOT NEED LESSONS ON ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, thank you very much... !!! Why can't people train their dogs to just shake hands... like CIVILIZED people do... ??
Oh me... oh my... what to do... what to do...

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