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Super Moon

August 10, 2014

Mary and Blessing came by my camp early today... again. Yesterday she'd said that she had been by my camp for the past two days and I wasn't up. I made some excuse... (drank too much coffee or something). Then she asked, "Well, what time do you usually go to bed?" Ya... well, now. Uh... not wanting to be rude... I said... "Sometimes I'm up all night reading" -- not adding the "NUNYA" I actually wanted to say. Oops... sorry... last question for you...

Then she mentioned the "Super Super Moon" (not a "Super Moon", but a "Super Super Moon") that we were going to have. And... oh, by the way... she had found an animal skeleton nearby... that she said "looked like a voo-doo sacrifice" and also that "there were strange looking animal bones in the campfire when she had cleaned the area. And then there was the drums she had heard recently... not too far "that-a-way"... that might have been Indian drums... but sounded like some sort of ceremony... and that it sounded very spooky to her.

She seemed to be chasing the theory that... the full moon might be a time for voo-doo ceremonies... and pagan worship. She seems to be a Christian, although she has never preached to me. But... there was something about the way she once said, "Jesus,"... and then there was her miracle cancer cure.

I mentioned that "Indian drums" aren't voo-doo... and that if someone had trapped and skinned an animal it might well look strange... that people do eat wild animals... that some people are raised eating squirrels and wild game. She seemed convinced that something was vewy vewy stwange about it. (Was she trying to scare me away from this good campsite??)

So... she went off on her daily walk, but basically... she had done a good job of un-nerving me. There were other people camping in the area... but far off... and so I was a bit isolated. And... heaven knows... there ARE people who practice voo-doo... So, well... I figured... it must be time to move on. Would I say "good-bye" to Mary and run the risk of having to give her my phone number or insult her...? Would she grace me with more advice or curious questionings???
P-p-p-p-pleeeeeeeze... spare me.

So... this morning I didn't open the sliding door of the van... and she came around before 9:00... walking through my campsite twice. She went on down the dirt road with Blessing and I got the van packed for travel. Mary had left a note on my camp chair with her email address... some Christian-sounding thing... "hiking with Jesus" or something. I left before they returned. NiceTaKnowYa- ChaChaCha

It was a beautiful morning as I drove to Dolores, north of Cortez... and the drive was cool and very pretty. I stopped at the Dolores Tourist Information Center to ask about local camping spots that might be near town. A middle-aged guy named "Craig" was at the desk. Craig was a victim of polio... now used leg braces... and had worked many years for the Forest Service. He had been transferred to Dolores and liked it so much that he stayed.

The office was slow that early in the morning on a Sunday, and we just started talking and talking. He would give me directions to a good camp across the bridge, and then tell me a story about the town. Then he'd talk about working for the Forest Service... and then about how he'd trained to be a jeweler... and then about his separation from his wife... and about this great house he got... and the conversation just kept going.

An hour and a half later (was it really that long?) -- I left and checked out one of the camping spots, but decided to go ahead and stay in Cortez (10 miles south of Dolores) for a few days until I got re-supplied. Then I'd likely go up to McPhee Reservoir and see what it had to offer.


The "Super Full Moon" rose in the east over the Walmart parking lot in Cortez just as the sun was setting in the west. It was really pretty, but... sorta blocked by the parking lot lights. I had spent most of the day in the only shady parking area I could find... a park on the edge of town, and drove to Walmart to stay the night.

It actually felt good to camp at Walmart. It felt good to be able to let down my guard and not have to stay aware of everything around me. The parking lot lights were nice... shining through my curtains... giving a calm glow to the van. I should have done this a month ago. This Walmart was not a 24-hour store... but there were about ten of us camping, and so... all was well.

5:00 am -- A street cleaner vehicle made the rounds of the parking lot. What the hey?? I went back to sleep... woke at 7:00... got coffee... and went back to the shady park... to watch the ducks on the little lake nearby as I had breakfast.

rainbow at the Walmart parking lot

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