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Great Rainbow

July 6, 2014

"Monsoon Season" here in the Four-Corners area (the place where four states meet at a true crossroads) -- means that most every afternoon around 2:00 pm clouds begin to form and join together -- to the point where they turn dark... give off lightning and rumbles of thunder... and "if we're lucky" give some rain.

One evening, a large cloud passed over... threatening to pour rain... but did not... and I kept checking out the windows of the van to determine whether it was safe to go outside again. I looked again and saw just the end of a rainbow. Clouds far enough past now, I got out of the van and went to enjoy it.

I don't see rainbows very often. You have to be at the right place at the right time. One notable rainbow that I remember well... I was with the guy that I would eventually marry. We were driving in the city and made a turn onto a highway and there it was... a beautiful full and clear rainbow. Then, as we watched... it became a double rainbow.

If you've ever seen the youtube video "Double Rainbow" -- you can get the general idea of how magical it is to see something so rare and beautiful as this. And, of course, when you see something rare like that... just like Bear (the man who took the video of the double rainbow)... just like Bear, you are tempted to ask... "What does it mean?? What does it mean??"

It seems that bear's youtube channel is under restrictions... no sound on any of his stuff.         Yosemitebear62's Famous Double-Rainbow Video

                The songify video made from bear's video.

The rainbow I was enjoying, now, slowly became clearer and more pronounced. There was a guy camping not to far from me, so I walked over and called "Helloooo... hell-oo--" (the "o" sounding more like the "o" in "cool" rather than a long "o" -- just seemed a more gentle intrusion). After a minute the guy emerges from his trailer in his boxer shorts and T-shirt and looks at me. "Yeah??"

"The rainbow was so beautiful that I wanted to share it with somebody," I said.

He looked at me, then at the rainbow and said, "Yes. Pretty." And then he turned and went right back into his trailer. I guess I got him at a wrong time... or maybe he was so unimpressed by life anymore that a rainbow wasn't worth missing a re-run of The Wheel of Fortune. Maybe he didn't want to be friendly with nearby campers. Well... I meant to just be friendly. I walked back to my camp and kept looking at the rainbow just to enjoy it.

And then as I watched... the colors in it began to expand... not like a "double" rainbow, but staying just one rainbow, but getting wider and wider. As soon as I marveled at the SIX colors, more colors became clearer. At its peak, the rainbow grew to NINE colors... which was like a color wheel with the basic colors you would normally see in a rainbow, but with more variation between the changes. All in all, there were THREE rainbows all together... just not separated.

It was either that evening... or was it the next...? that there was a most beautiful sunset. The clouds covered the sky at just the right elevation to catch the rays of the sun as it sat in the west... and it was orange and purple and yellow and gold... I mean... THE ENTIRE SKY WAS A SUNSET... the entire sky !!!

I really miss having a camera... or... not having a camera...??
Who would believe such beauty...?...?

July 27, Visitors

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