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June 19, 2014

I've had to do several serious sessions of culling my belongings. I take it that... this is common when you first start out camping long-term in any vehicle or trailer. You just keep sorting through your things until you no longer trip over yourself and your things during the day. After each session of re-organizing my supplies, clothes, and all... I'd make a trip to the Mancos Thrift Store.

The Mancos Thrift Store is a fairly decent place to shop... about the only place to shop besides the grocery store... and the prices are very reasonable. After I would drop off some things to donate, I'd search for other things that I was needing... a basket to help organize a shelf... a good stirring spoon... a book on herbal remedies... that sort of thing...

On one trip, I had a chance to ask the woman who seemed to be in charge...
(it doesn't seem accurate to call some females "women"-- conjuring up an image of a person with a mature haircut and a stout bra-- when that person really appears as a casual middle-aged person with a liking for tie-dyed T-shirts) --
so... well... I had a chance to ask the girl in charge...
"Is this thrift store a charity of some kind or is it just a regular business?"

She replied, "We're a registered LLC and use the profits for various causes --
but we don't help indigents."

I took an obvious aback... then asked, "What's an indigent... ?"

"Oh, you know... Those people who complain that they can't work because..."
and she assumes the voice of a helpless whiney person...
"I hurt my finger and I can't work today."

I had a squinty, questioning expression in my eyes when I replied...
"I guess you've never been injured then."

She then begins to impart quite a few business details about the rules that the thrift store follows. (Note: There is an older guy nearby who is working there part-time... who may well be on some sort of disability-- looking a bit worn-out by life itself.)
She goes on... "The way we do it is this..."
"In order to work here, you have to pay the $84.00 for the drug tests and felony search. Then, it's basically being paid for volunteering. I work for $2.00 an hour. After the expenses are paid, the money that's left over goes to local organizations like the Boy Scouts or animal rescue..." (there was a list available I could look at).

Visions went through my mind of all those people who get sucked into this "work for nothing" scheme -- this "be glad you get what you get at all" -- when they themselves are a charity case... and when there are few other choices... few other ways to survive.

Fact is... when some part of you has been injured, you need to allow it to heal... or you run the risk of ending up with a chronic injury that can no longer heal, and which becomes susceptible to future injuries or injuries in parts of your body you use to compensate for the weaker injured area of your body.

Fact is... if you've ever been injured, it is hard to be hired because of the risk of aggravating an injury on the job. And a reasonable person doesn't continue to aggravate an injury until they arrive at the point where they are crippled and are forced into a nursing home...
at least... a reasonable person who has choices.

June 20, Cherry Creek Road

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