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The Gift of Light

September 24, 2019

Colette O'Neill's Journey has been a fascinating one to follow.
I'm still watching the videos of her journey... like reading a long book.
YouTube Bealtaine Cottage
I have yet to begin reading her written blog on her website:
Bealtaine Cottage
She can identify plants with ease. She has studied much philosophy.
She has digged into her Celtic roots for lost connections.
She is a Pilgrim... seeing religions as confining when searching for Truth.
She believes it is a "Divine Feminine" that bestows life on earth.
She has written books... "A Cottage and Three Acres"...
and "In Search of the Goddess Rising."

She turned a bad piece of land into a forest garden.
It totally inspired her.
Her dream looks very much like my dream.
She did most of the work all by herself... a source of pride for her.
It wouldn't have been the same... to have someone else's hand in on it.

She calls what she does... Goddess Permaculture.
She plants for the bees, the birds, the animals, and for her.
This is what Bill Mollison envisioned with his permaculture ideas.
Mollison studied FORESTS and all the little things that grow there.
It is different from FARMING as Permaculture, with orderly rows and designs.
Goddess Permaculture gives the soul back to the land... wholeness.
It embraces all life... provides for ALL life.
Colette believes in the syncopation of Mother Nature...
and her surprises.

And here is a gem from her vlog: her post "The Gift of Light"
Enjoy every minute.

Tonight I came across a favorite song from my teenage years...
and so went to listen to the entire first album by The Mamas and the Papas.
If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears
You have to listen to each and every song.

It brought visions of things... long ago... lingering Truths of my life.
And it was odd that I happened upon both of these today... together.
I was wanting to get back to her vlog... but wanted to listen to music.
And both were... Truths... from somewhere beyond the beyond.
Al Di La.

We make choices in our lives from what we have to choose from.
Some choices... have very long roads... with uncertain destinations...
and are dangerous... perhaps FILLED with danger...
with no guarantees.
Some choices... fend off that last devastating heartbreak...
the one that could really hurt... from beauty itself.

Some choices... are consolation prizes for lost beauties... lost Truths...
demanding that one be the human being that one MUST be...
or be considered a failure at the essential task of life itself...
when something is taken... and is now irretrievable...
like a strange theft that nullifies beauty... and then abandons her.

For those who cling to Truth... who chase Truth... who need Truth...
it is often a very long wait... to be freed from lies.
Often... it means being freed from thieves...

All we have here on earth... is our lives.
Love and Truth are essential to our survival...
if we are so blessed to be given a piece of it.

It is autumn now. It will be lovely to watch the colors.
And it would be lovely... to find all those beauties...
all those little things... that got lost in the headlights.

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