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A Few Complaints

February 24, 2017

I have come to love our President, Donald Trump.
He saved us from the fate of a Global World Government that would have occurred under the power of Hillary Clinton and her minions... who had been setting up over a long stretch of time to come to her aid. What was left of our country would have been extinguished.

And for the most part, President Trump has proven to be a great leader and a great administrator. I would say that he is even charmed... touched with greatness. It is really a joy to watch as he builds his administration and the foundation of his tenure. Everything is done well... and good.

Then I listened to Mike Pence's speech at CPAC, Conservative Forum... and it was like listening to an old movie that... that I've seen one two many times already. Maybe it is my aversion to hearing people talk about God... use his name... to make one's own sentiments seem "blessed" or "holy." I think of it as "brown nosing." I'm sure Mr. Trump is familiar with the phrase... getting mileage off of mentioning someone in power, in order to give ones own self a sprinkling of the same.

President Trump does not blatantly use the name of God offhandedly. I've always thought of him as walking that fine line quite nicely... without going over the edge. I wasn't offended by Melania's reciting of the Lord's Prayer... because we need to really pray that President Trump survives long enough to save us. He has some heavy opponents. They are all coming out of the woodwork. In fact, it is interesting to see... who our real patriots are. They are not Bernie Sanders or Michael Moore.

When Mike Pence honored Justice Clarence Thomas... it brought up again things I'd heard about Thomas... pedophilia... sexually harassing his understudies... which almost shows blatantly in the features of his face. Whatever else is true... his face speaks of self-indulgences and arrogance. It was then... that I wondered... just what were the ambitions of Mike Pence... and what a nightmare it would be if he became President. He can be Christian all he wants... but he ought not force it on the rest of us, or he will be as bad as Hillary.

America was not established to create a religious government run by Jesus or any other preacher. It was the antithesis of such a thing. It was created to free the people from the tyranny of the churches... and the tyranny of ignorance. The Bible is too full of violence to claim it as the blueprint for any free people.

And so... I have a few complaints.

Free the people from the tyranny of the marijuana laws and make room in our prisons for the pedophiles and the rapists and the violent abusers and the crazies. There are going to be quite a lot of them. Pedophilia is rampant. Rape is rampant. Our prisons are full of the innocent because our justice system has failed, and the real criminals are left at large.

Our entire system has been rigged so that it will fail. Just like the icebergs that have been chiseled away... so has our system of government. Every bureaucracy is full of black holes through which our public monies are being stolen. Streets are being repaved that don't need it while other roads that do need it are neglected. Universities are great corporations... meant to make money. Our hospitals... the same thing.

When Mike Pence mentioned the word "insurance" -- well, I knew there would be no real change. The insurance industry is just like the mafia... you either pay or you die.

And then there is the Keystone Pipeline. President Trump approved it, but required it to use American Steel, which may hold up the project... but... he needs to reroute it... or he needs to end it. It does not create jobs. All it does is jeapardize our rivers and aquifers. It is like a slow bomb being set off... little by little the damage is done. Our whole country is lined with these toxic time bombs... and they break... and another river is polluted... and millions of people live downstream.

Trump... seems to be fighting for money... and us little folks are the only ones fighting for our beautiful country. If he wants to create jobs, let him create jobs with clean things... long-lasting things. I can only hope this aversion of sanity is temporary... until a better plan is put in place.

Insurance... bah humbug. It's enough to make me sick.

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