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How Much Does It Weigh?

December 15, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump has done fairly well preparing for his office, and selecting people in his cabinet who will inform him on the realities of the American business scene. A President should always be able to consult the best experts available when making any judgment or decision that affects that business.

The fossil fuel industry is a filthy business. It is feeding the acidity of the oceans, which is destroying coral reefs, which means it is destroying coral islands, and which means the food sources for many fish will be destroyed. We absolutely must go another direction for our energy. Our grandchildren will despise us for inaction, when their world is nothing but a Disneyland of fake nature and mummified animal life.

Just in our own country we use billions of barrels of oil every day.
Think of it... billions of barrels a day for decades.
Think of the weight that is being burned daily.

One day, I began to wonder...
What is the weight of a barrel of oil BEFORE it is burned...??
And what is the weight of it AFTER it is burned...??

There is a belief in scientific circles that matter does not change... that if something weighs 1000 pounds, that it will always weigh 1000 pounds in any other form that it takes. But... what if something is turned into a gaseous form and ash?? Does that weight return to the place where it was weighed before?? deep in the earth??? or is it in the air??

What if... the weight of the earth was so altered that it affected the rotation around the sun... or affected the distance that earth is from the sun...?? If the speed of rotation is changed... what else will it affect...?? and do we really know the consequences of burning billions of tons of oil...???

When we have other choices for energy... electro-magnetic power generators, for instance... which are kept off the market for "national security" reasons... why do we play with an ecosystem that supports all life on this planet?? Anything can break if you push it hard enough. Earth may still be here after we burn the planet to ashes... but the wonderful wildlife... and we humans... just... may... not... be.

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