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Pathology of Politics

November 7, 2016

At this moment... I am hearing the (hopefully) closing statements of Ted Nugent at the Trump rally in Michigan. He spent a good bit of time stressing the arguments about the red/blue paradigm of politics... was Michigan a blue state... or was Michigan really a red state... and all the reasons why it should be a particular way... rather than another.

I live in a red state... that for many years was a blue state. I think what really happened was that... good people emerged from one party... then stopped... then the more acceptable person emerged from the other party. People voted for the person, more than for a particular party. If a person with good solutions... with offers of relief... and looked honest... he/she got the vote. Then... they all turned bad and it didn't matter.

It has been my impression... that Republicans were the representatives of corporate America... and the promoters of an american empire. It has seemed that the Democrats were the hope of the little guy... the guy without power... the working man just trying to make it through another day. But... now... the political parties have both been scrambled. They are both... screwy... both have agendas that have nothing to do with... the people who elected them... BOTH parties.

We didn't send our representatives to Washington D.C. to legislate our rights away. Both parties have done it. We didn't send them to spend money on idiotic programs that are pay-backs to their contributors. We didn't send them to take away our protections from fraud or abuse or tyranny from corporations. We sent them to represent us... the people.

I think it was George Washington that DID NOT like the concept of political parties. I agree. I think that the pathology of our political system is exactly... political parties. They corrupt the process from beginning to end. They... have become the tyranny of our democracy... a representative democracy meant to reflect OUR needs and ideals... in its varying shapes and distinctions... not someone else's agreed-upon PARTY PLATFORM. In fact... political parties have created a system of rule by an unelected council of power players.

When Nugent went on and on about red/blue politics... it seemed to me like a language of the past... the past when there were only two choices... and the "party" told candidates what their platform must be. In his words... I could hear the falseness... the blackmail... I could hear the words of the "party leaders"... saying "do this or else don't run... or you get no money."

We are learning that there are ways of getting campaign money without help from corporate-supported parties. Small donations is only one idea... there are many of them... some that don't need money at all.

I think that... with human beings... there comes a time when they have had their fill of something. I am at that point. I have had my fill of false issues and campaign platforms.
I have had my fill of the lies and deceptions and the betrayals that such a system breeds.
I have had my fill of politicians who must vote with their party... or else.
I have had my fill of politicians who sell their votes back and forth to each other... or else.
I have had my fill of bad laws being passed... of money wasted... of cronyism.
I have had my fill of it... and its pathology is based... in the "Party system."
Party Politics is pathological... and... anti-democratic.

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