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Ideas About Policy-8

November 6, 2016

Random notes:

Unintended Consequences of Legislation

In 2004, when I first began seriously putting into shape the ideas that I had been considering... on education, jobs, healthcare, etc... I was recovering from a work injury and had the time to research... and watch... the politics of the day. I discovered that... several times... the makings of solutions were already available in legislation... which had been passed for other reasons, but which opened the field to resolving better solutions.

That work is lost somewhere... with all the upheavals in my life, I've lost a lot. But I remember how... when I looked at particular legislation... how one could use it in another way than the way it was intended. It wasn't just the Patriot Act that gave powers to do particular things... but the Patriot Act was one of the laws that could work to absolute good ends... rather than to the oppression of our people. Just saying. I could look at things and see potential where it was not intended to be.

State of Fear

Chaos is the tactic that allows a government to declare military interventions around the world. We have seen chaos being propagated in fragile countries... started by our own country... for our government's own reasons. We surely do not want this tactic used here... during the change of administrations.

People are scared because of all the garbage coming from the media and Democratic pundits. We are certainly seeing how much work has been done to build this support system. If they had intended to FORCE globalism on us, they might have done it through terrorist attacks on our infrastructure long ago. They do not want to lose the support of the middle class. I don't think that they want America to devolve into chaos... and have to clean up the mess.

there was a skit on Saturday Night Live (a few years ago??) (which I rarely watch BTW)... about a nuclear bomb sitting on a table. It was small and had a timing device... with flashing lights on it.

There have also been movies made about taking over the Whitehouse through a high ranking official... that involved a bomb that had to be dismantled. Not to be paranoid, but many things that we've seen in movies are just a "prophecy" or a thumb in the nose to America. Funny, eh??

My point being... when Trump emerges as the President Elect... he needs to immediately put our fears to rest. He needs to show that he's not going to topple the government and turn it into a fascist regime, but will rather... just change how we do things.

My suggestion is... he mention in his victory speech that he will be forming working groups from city council representatives of distressed urban areas... minority areas... to immediately begin working on a plan for revitalization. He must clearly show his support for these distressed and confused people. Then... if there are terrorist actions perpetrated in the country... it will not make sense at all... because there would have been NO REASON to revolt against Trump.

Trump might also say that he is arranging for the immediate assistance to homeless veterans... and won't be waiting until January to do it. And... he can serve notice to illegal aliens that if they are still in our country when he takes office... that when they come into the judicial system for any reason... for any crime... that they will be removed from the country... at their own expense... and that any expense they cause will have to be repaid either by them or by their home country. So... they have three months to think about their options.

The contrast between Trump's solutions... and Obama's non-solutions... will be clear and distinct. People will see without question... that Obama is a do-nothing President of his own making. The people who say "the republicans stone-walled Obama" will see that... Obama could have done so much more to fix our problems.

WWIII and Obama

There has been talk about being on the edge of WWIII... some people saying we already are in it. After all... Obama and Clinton and Kerry have been part and parcel in the chaos in the Middle East, and the resulting refugee crisis in Europe. It wouldn't surprise me if the entire world was looking at the United States as a rogue and criminal nation. We are no longer protected by a moral authority. We are a nation that condones torture... and the destruction of whole nations. We may also be accused of FUNDING the merceneries in the Middle East.

I am hoping that Trump understands all this... and addresses it early... so that anything Obama might do to cause suspicion on Trump's intentions can be thwarted. Obama may try to make it look like Trump started WWIII.

I'm thinking that there might be some guidance from the way that South Africa resolved its long history of apartheid. Work had to be done to heal the horrid history of oppression and killings of their native peoples. The world itself needs to do this... come to terms with its truths... and rebuild a world worth living in... based on democracy, individual freedom, human rights, and a resolute committment to peace.

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