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November 5, 2016

Random notes:

How to Defeat Terrorists

There are known areas of the world where these violent terrorists (or possibly paid mercenaries) have their groups. They possibly sit in cafes and talk about their plans and politics... they possibly get money through bank accounts... and they possibly talk as they leave their mosques about actions they are planning.

Every civilized nation in the world wants to be rid of these violent people. There are enough military forces among the whole lot of us to find them and rid the world of them.

But... they look for police officers and for military troops in uniforms, I'm sure. We should have some... so that they look as if they are the working protectors of their cities... but the greater armies will be UNDERCOVER armies. We have the numbers to flood the streets with military personnel.

These trained troops can travel in their cars looking like hippies or tourists... they can be couples walking down the street going to a wine bar... they can be walking their dogs at any time of the day... shopping at markets... sitting at cafes... looking like tourists or everyday people.

They might well move regularly to other areas so that they can't become suspicious to these terrorists if they are watching for such things. We should make it so that... they cannot predict anything. These troops will be an element of the UNKNOWN... and they will have the power to kill.

If these are well-trained military people who are patrolling the streets... in Paris, for instance... and they have proven the guilt of a terrorist cell... agreed upon by intelligence officers or judges... with solid evidence that is not merely circumstantial or suspicious... they will have a license to kill those people in any surrepticious way they have.

And there are many ways to do this... one by one or as a group... poison food... bar fight... drive by... small bomb placed so that it looks like they are the makers of the bomb. It must be surrepticious because this is an underground war... and shouldn't arouse suspicion of others in this army... ya know, Clinton-esque style disappearance of enemies. It may all happen at once, when a large group of small cells has been pin-pointed.

These mercenaries should understand clearly what it is they are doing. Maybe someone could publicly ask them... "What exactly is your 'end game'??"... "What would be your idea of 'winning'??"... "Do you want to live in peace with the rest of the world, or do you want your people to be terrorized with violence... in a world of violence that never ends... in a world that is hell on earth..."

"If you are being paid to commit your violence... you have become your own enemy... and you have become the enemy of your own people and your own religion." ... "We ask that you cease with your acts of hate and betrayal and violence. If you choose to NOT cease with your violence... you will be pursued to the ends of the earth."

"As for those who wish to live in a civilized world... in a peaceful world... with all our differences of cultures and religions... for only God is Perfect... (Alla u Akbar... God is great, there is no God but God... the phrase they chant five times a day) we must learn our own lessons. The whole world must learn our own lessons. We cannot commit our own acts of horror and aggression. We, too, must stand down. There is no other way for this world to finally find the meaning of peace."

It would be good if there was a determination by the UN or another world court that ISIS is a group of paid mercenaries... that are terrorists only for the sake of being terrorists... for money... to further the aims of powerful political forces that seek to destroy the fragile peace of the world... and not for the reason of jihad or religious purpose.

With such a determination... distant cells may look around them and think... hmm... maybe we are the fools... we have been played for fools... and we have defied our own religion for some American billionaire who is using us... in order to destroy our own countries. We are such fools.

Violence in America

Perhaps notice could be given to all of those who live by violence and crime... that... from this point on... if any violent crime is committed... those who perpetrate those crimes will be pursued by every means available in the government.

The Federal Government has many options. We have a Sheriff's Department, we have ATF agents, we have investigators in the FBI who can be called in to provide any support needed to track these violent people down... and lock them up. We have a civil rights division that can gather evidence of criminal and corrupt police officers and government officials.

We have many agencies that can step in whenever it is called for... to rid our country of violence. And we should ask our judges to NEVER GRANT BAIL for violent criminals while awaiting trial, if the evidence is clear, and viable, and not merely circumstantial.

No parole should EVER be offered for those criminals who have been the actual agent of violence... whose own hands committed that intentional and horrid act of violence. Rape used to be punished in a similar way as murder... now... women hardly want to go through the gruelling process of proving rape.

Violence in any form will be addressed at every level in our society. We must make the decision as a people... that we can disagree... we can be strong in our opinions... but we will not succumb to acting violently because of it. We must learn other ways of addressing our differences. And we must ensure that the people can trust that there is TRUE JUSTICE IN OUR SOCIETY... and not resort to street justice.

Hillary's Security Clearance

The Director of National Intelligence (I believe) is the one who decides who is granted access to government classified information... or who removes a person's "Classified Clearance." So... why hasn't he spoken on this...? He was the one who was outraged at the hearings on the emails. Even the day to day action of a Sec of State would be protected info, wouldn't it? Sec of State is in line to the Presidency... and an equivalent to Director of Central Intelligence Agency??

What if the Director of the CIA had been casual with state secrets..? What if all of them had. THAT is what happens with a President if that person has no respect for State secrets. "Security Clearance is rejected by the Director of National Intelligence."
I think THAT is what James Comey was hoping for... rather than the politics of an indictment.

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