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Ideas About Policy-6

November 3, 2016

Random notes:

Today Melania Trump gave a wonderful, wonderful speech. It is so good to see that she has a clear intellect... and a good soul. Donald Trump... just gets better and better. He has done this campaign very well. He has been an excellent strategist and leader. I am putting my hopes in him. I consider him much more preferable as a President than Bernie Sanders would have ever been. We need to feel the strength of Trump... that gives us confidence... which didn't come across with Bernie. I have a renewed hope for our country... that it may just be... finally... coming into the dream that it was designed to become... a nation of free individuals... living happily together... pursuing their happiness.

Charge Foreign Countries for the cost of their criminals
An alternative concept:

Citizens from other countries who are in our country... legally or illegally... and who commit a crime by our laws... should be tried by our laws and incarcerated in our prisons according to our laws. If they are released back to their own country, we surely should have assurance that they will be made accountable for their crimes. DNA tests should be taken for our records... so that any further dealings we have with these people is based on correct identification... and so that we can investigate any connection to other crimes and rapes.

The problem with returning these criminals to some home country is that there may not be consequences equitable to the crime they committed against American citizens. They may be released to wreak havoc in their own country... and possibly ours. To be convicted of violating our laws... they have to be tried in our courts.

Perhaps... instead of just deporting them... we should try them in our courts... and then charge the country of origin for the costs of incarceration and trial. If they are known criminals... and have not been kept from coming into our country... by the justice system of their own country... then we may have a problem with other citizens from their country, too. Does that country not keep criminals from wreaking havoc on their own people... and now American people...?? We would have to take another look at immigration from such a country.

The costs charged to that country... would include the costs for any damage done in our country. Perhaps... there might be a separate holding facility for these non-citizens so that the budget is distinct and accountable.

What this would do is... force the country of origin to insure that known criminals do not come here. What this would also do is... make these criminals think very clearly what it means to their home country... that they will be despised by their own countrymen for the financial burden they have put on them... that they may never be able to return to their home country... and then, perhaps... that they will see the extent of what their crimes can do to a society... ours and also their own home country.


If we end up with criminals from other countries... and take upon ourselves the responsibility for ensuring that they are kept out of the general populations... where they live a life of crime and violence... no matter what country they are in... then we need to have a place to put them.

Our prisons:
By our 13th Amendment... slavery still exists in America... in our prison system. Corporations use prison labor... and make their profits from... the abuse of prisoners. Prison systems charge for many things... snacks... shoes... phone calls... soap... which means prisoners are forced to work... for as little as 5 cents an hour... doing such things as... being medical guinea pigs... performing hazardous industrial work... and other things like road detail.

In a corrupt system... with corporate prisons... would anyone be surprised to discover that many people are convicted who are also strong, healthy black men...??? Would anyone be surprised to discover that marijuana laws allow just about anyone to be picked up off of the street and convicted for possession...??? If they are aware that 20% of our population uses marijuana... how do they get those statistics...?? why aren't all 50 million of them in jail... where they belong...?????

Because it is a ridiculous law that can't possibly be equally enforced... and which is used in a way that allows the government to pick and choose who they put in prison. Also... it allows the government to instill fear in its citizens... to not stand out in a crowd... to not be different.

Laws against marijuana... are laws against minorities and minority cultures. They are laws of religious and cultural discrimination... that slither like a snake into everyone's lives... and everyone's choice of lifestyle. The "government" cannot possibly incarcerate EVERY person who chooses to use marijuana... for his/her own version of "pursuit of happiness." And so... these laws are used to harass and excuse any invasion of privacy that the government wishes to undertake.

That's how we make room in our Federal Prison system for criminals who live a crime lifestyle... we end the war against poor people and minorities.

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