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Ideas About Policy-5

November 3, 2016

Random notes:

Repairing a Security Breach

I have read, that what happens when there is a breach of national secrets, is... a security survey immediately goes into action to determine the extent of the breach... to determine what has been put at risk... to determine if our ambassadors or personnel have been put at risk... and then... a process is put in place to repair that damage.

This "repair" involves changing security protocols... removing personnel who have been compromised from any danger if they are in a foreign country... checking for losses of information in computer systems... checking for changes of data in computer systems (if this is possible). This process must be thorough, and it is very time-consuming and intense.

In the case of Hillary Clinton... wouldn't one suspect that the entire security system in all of our military and State Dept. systems... have been open... not just to be read and hacked and sent to wikileaks... but could possibly have been CHANGED.

The Electric Grid

The electric grid in many states is now over 100 years old... with millions of poles and wires needing to be replaced. They are rotting. Now... are we going to keep cutting down the millions of tall pine trees to do this massive grid update...???

Do we really need this unsightly grid anymore...? Couldn't we eliminate 80% of these grids if we designed a power grid that was based on neighborhood sources of power and batteries. Hopefully... the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC POWER GENERATOR PATENT will be released and put into use... for every home and building. If this is not done, then Stirling Solar Power generators can be installed to service neighborhood grids, with battery backup... or a single power line into the neighborhood to supplement loss of power.

It just requires a particular kind of power switch to the neighborhood.

Distressed Urban Neighborhoods

It would be good to establish relationships with the specific city council members of large cities who represent minority neighborhoods and distressed areas in cities... to have a first-hand understanding of what is needed in these areas... of what will be an acceptable solution to the problems... and to get suggestions about how to resolve various problems and roadblocks.

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