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Ideas About Policy-4

November 3, 2016

Random notes:

Veterans: Jobs & Recruiting

Our country should guarantee jobs for ANY veteran after they serve our country in combat. Why are we paying private security companies to guard our Federal buildings?? These companies could be owned by foreign countries...!!! These positions are perfectly suited for veterans... with veterans as their supervisors... with a sense of duty and discipline. This benefit should be offered to all new recruits.

There have been some accusations made against military recruiting officers... concerning fraudulent claims made to recruits. So... end it. How much does it cost our country to have recruiting offices...??? How many people on average go into one of these offices per day...??? And then recruiting officers are put on a quota, which drives them to lie to our vulnerable young men and women.

This is ALL a waste of money and manpower. It would be much more cost-effective... more efficient... to have regular Recruiting Seminars at timely intervals... such as during spring break... such as during summer... or have a presence at every Jobs Fair. All the services could provide good and accurate information about life in the military... take the time to talk freely with the people who are looking for accurate information.

I think that it would be a very good recruiting tool... to have included in their military training... a rounded course in all the basic principles and laws that they are defending when they serve our country. A good understanding of law would give them a base from which they could continue their service in police work or other government service.

What I mean by this is... there are basic working rules and court decisions that have clarified the parameters of our constitutional laws. What is "freedom of speech"... can a citizen call a policeman a name or criticize him/her to her face without consequence..?? What are the parameters required for "stop and frisk"... can it be used on ANYBODY... or must there be a pre-emptive suspicious act to justify stopping a citizen on the street and humiliating him/her with a body pat down...???

Our military service men and women take an oath to defend THE CONSTITUTION and the country from all enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. This oath sets the parameters of their duty. The first thing they should learn is... what the Constitutional laws ARE.

If a person wants to serve their country in some capacity and likes the military environment of training and discipline... but... for personal or religious reasons does not want a role in actual combat... there should be several levels of voluntary service... combat roles... non-combat roles... and non-serving training in military discipline.

Non-serving Military Training should be one of the offerings of our military services. There could be a version of this in each branch of the military. I would surmise that many young people would very much like to have some military training... discipline... gun training... strategy and teamwork... etc... but are not ready to face years in the military.

Non-serving Military Training would be good for our young people to have... if they wanted to shape their life with rules of discipline and readiness... be knowledgeable on gun use and gun safety... and develop a better legal understanding of our constitution. This could also be a required training for anyone in any state before they served as a police officer or other public official.

This 2 or 3 month training program would also provide the basics of further service in the military or in any public service capacity. It would just be basically good for our country and its young people.

NASA and scientific protection of our planet

NASA has some of the world's most inventive scientists. Before we spend billions to get to stars millions of light years away... we should explore the depths of our oceans... explore our INNER SPACE. We should develop ships that can dive into pressurized depths and explore our own planet. These ships could possibly be used to retrieve radioactive barrels of nuclear waste while they are at it.

Speaking of nuclear waste and NASA... no one has the technology to react to a nuclear plant malfunction. Fuchishima is not being fixed because the technology is not there to do it. This is major insanity. We should have robots ready to take action whenever our planet is attacked with a nuclear reactor malfunction.

After all...
who needs bombs... when we can build pipelines over our water resources...
who needs bombs... when we can build nuclear power plants on major rivers... plants that leak...
who needs bombs... when our electric grid can be shut down with a switch on a computer...
who needs bombs... when we could be blackmailed by large corporations and banks...
scientists have known that earthquakes can be caused by low frequency radio waves.

We need to control our manmade methods of mass destruction...

Whitehouse as an Embassy and Office

I began thinking about how the Whitehouse is used as a residence for the President and his family... as well as an embassy to greet the representatives of the world... as well as an executive office for the President and his entire staff. This just does not work for me anymore.

Why does this just seem... tacky to me...? Keeping the highest executive in the world... and his family... in a public building... a museum...?? like a caged animal or something...?? Surely we can do better. Now... if there was a State Dinner... the private quarters could be used as a dressing room and perhaps private conversations... but... living there...??? in what is really an office and historical museum...???

Perhaps the Whitehouse could be an offering to the President's family... but not a requirement. There would be no need to redecorate every four years with new china, new furniture, new rugs... and moving private things into that public sphere. If the President wished to live in another residence and just use the Whitehouse as an office and an embassy... why the heck... should we not let him...?

American registered Corporations

Any American company that is chartered in the United States and operates under the laws of the United States... and does business overseas... should be required to follow the precepts that we cherish as Americans... of respect and freedom. And if they cause any harm in any country they will lose their corporate charter registration in the United States.

This rule seems essential to our international relationships with the world. No one should be able to use the respectful reputation of our country to wreak havoc in defenseless countries -- to rob and pillage under the protection of our ambassadors and military personel. And... if they are indicted and convicted in a fair court, they will face their own justice without defense from our country.

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