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Crises In America

November 14, 2016

This will be an open list... added to over time. Edited date will be posted.

Dakota Access Pipeline

The militarized police are now shooting rubber bullets point blank at protestors... including teenagers and women... sending them to the hospital in critical condition with serious internal injuries. This has escalated to the point that... someone must intervene. And since Obama is not intervening... hopefully Trump will find a way to reconcile this issue.

Ancient burial sites are located all around the area in North Dakota where the pipeline is being pushed through. The oil company knows this... and has shown no respect whatsoever... has not made any attempt to reconfigure the location of the pipeline... and is running roughshod over our indigenous people. Note: We... are the immigrants in this country. America is their home.

The situation is so contentious that EVERY TRIBE has joined in the resistance. The desicration of many indigenous and holy sites has gone on... year after year... holy place after holy place... writing off their history and their ancestors. As I learned in a video I watched lately... those who practice "black arts" consider that the most vile action is to take what is pure and good and sacred... and desecrate it, distort it, or destroy it. And so... we have the definition of "evil."

This is the video. Interesting numerology. He describes "black arts" at 13:17.
De-coding the meaning on Podesta's hands

This is all coming from the clue "spirit cooking" and Weiner's computer having connections to pedophilia... and pedophiliac code found in wikileaks emails. People have put the pieces together... and it is ugly. There is video of "Comet Pizza and Ping Ping" talking about pedophilia... and... yep... famous politicians frequent the place.

But... what can Trump do...???
Trump can let it be known that no oil will flow over the protected lands of indigenous peoples. They can either reroute their pipeline now... or they can rebuild it later... after another study is done on the entire project. If Trump does nothing... he will have some very angry indigenous people and their sympathizers become a thorn in his side for four years.

A pipeline is bad enough... because every pipeline leaks... it is double bad over sacred graves and meditation land. This is their last straw... they will not take any more destruction of their sacred places. We are going to need the support of everyone... because the Clinton mob is not done yet. Speaking out will show Trump's colors... that things will be done right or they won't be done at all.

Westlake Landfill Fire

Just outside of St. Louis, Missouri is a landfill that was used in the 1970's as the waste site for the Manhattan Project nuclear waste. It is now on fire. The smoke is toxic. The water that drains off of it... is toxic. It is burning closer to a major dump site of nuclear waste.

If I have this correct... what they did is mix nuclear waste with dirt and spread it all over the landfill in stages... which would make everything in that landfill... radioactive. Land values are nill. The fumes are unbearable and no one can leave... without going bankrupt... and losing everything they own. The EPA is involved. The Corps of Engineers is involved. Bill Gates used to be an investor, but got out.

The neighborhood's Facebook page has all the documents and history of this.
This protective action has had to be done by housewives... with no help from anyone.

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