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Here We Go Again

November 11, 2016

Politics... politics.
The transition from one administration to another has begun. Trump has met with Obama... their wives have had tea... Trump has gotten a tour of Congress... and the conversations now are all about the new President's Cabinet.

Chris Christie... a professional politician... whose own stint as Governor of New Jersey is tainted with allegations of political retribution (the bridge scandal) where the safety of people was put in jeapardy and "the governor knew nothing" for three days... and the distribution of Hurricane Sandy funds... where some regions got nothing that desperately needed it. Note: If anyone annoyed him with questions he didn't want to answer... he told them to sit down and shut up.

We all love Jeff Sessions... but he is happily a drunk.

Brain surgeons may understand the intricacies of brain processes... including how to manipulate human beings... but... how many became public personalities...?? Ben Carson has been caught in a couple of lies... which escape me at the moment... something about different versions of the same story. An idealogue cannot be a scientist at the same time. Idealogues use science to prove a point that has already been decided. Personally... some'n ain't kosher here... with him.

Ben Carson hasn't been in the real world where "medical savings accounts" dwell. The way these accounts work is... you set aside pre-tax monies every month to be put into an account from which you are reimbursed for expenses such as child care or medical care. If you do not use the entire account... your pre-tax monies... your money... is not reimbursed to you but to your employer.

This "medical savings account" idea doesn't take into account that the entire medical paradigm has been ruled too long by the insurance industries... and the lack of coverage for too many people. Prices for everything have gone up because the system has been jimmied with... to the point that a person MUST have insurance... because it is so outrageously expensive to get any serious medical care such as surgery or cancer care. Do the same corporations that own hospitals also own insurance companies?? You cannot fix this screwed system... with medical savings accounts.

Rudolf Guliani... a well-liked politician... has held the line on the attacks on the Twin Towers... when the undercurrent of truth is awaiting to be revealed. The truth about the JFK assassination has not been revealed... and the same thing with the Twin Towers. Until we come to terms with these horrific scandals... we will be the scurge of the planet. The American people may not know or follow the facts... but the entire world is not stupid. We look stupid because we have believed the lies.

To hear talk that the CEOs of mega-banks are being considered for Treasury Secretary... is like... last year's rerun of Bewitched. Jamie Dimon?? Why in hell would ANY of these scambags be considered to take care of people's money...??? Where's Ron Paul...?? or other watchdogs of the money system...??

Donald Trump... the outsider... the non-politician... must do a real search for those people who are... who genuinely are... public servants. Why is he tainting his ideal of change and renewal with political hacks and thieves??? He needs to hang on to those supporters who looked to him for CHANGE... to be rid of these hacks and thieves.

As for me... anyone who supported Hillary Clinton... has no respect at all for our country. She was threatening nuclear war with Russia... how progressive is that...??? All the globalist socialist progressives either couldn't see past their own noses... or they don't care about our country at all. I find it unbelievable that anyone believed her lies.

Howard Dean comes on television to give his expert advice on politics... what a laugh...!!! He could have been blown over with a feather if he had become the Democratic candidate in 2004. He was a gynocologist and former board member of Planned Parenthood... running for President of the United States. All that needed to happen was... for him to be asked in a major debate... "have you ever performed an abortion..???" There would be no good answer... the answer would be obvious. He was an abortionist... so why was he running for President...??? Stupidity...??

IMO -- Trump should look for those former members of Congress who were destroyed by the political hacks... people like Tom Coburn... Dennis Kucinich... and that guy from Ohio who was a former sheriff ... can't think of his name... got kicked out of Congress. These people are likely some of the more honest game players... more honest than being sell-outs. HONESTY must be the prevailing characteristic of our new government.

I wish our new President... Donald Trump... the best. I'd even be willing to be a part-time contributor to his administration. I just don't like working inside buildings all day long. I like being outside. Any show of gratitude would be nice if I could be of service. Good luck to him... but if he surrounds himself with hacks and thieves... it will be the loss of that last bit of trust we people had in our government. It will be the final betrayal from which we would not recover.

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