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A Social Contract

November 10, 2016

Watching the crowds of "protestors" in our country's largest cities... I first thought that it could well be that... Hillary's group instigated it. I expected there to be violence... but, no. I had listened to Hillary Clinton's concession speech... in her colors of mourning... and her words that could be taken as a precursor to a backlash... "this consequential election." I can't tell if she really believes the things she says... she seems to.

If it is instigated... there are still enough followers that haven't reconciled the facts. They must not have paid very good attention to the Republican Convention acceptance speech... where Mr. Trump mentioned the gay community and other minority communities. He was bucking the institutional bigotries... pretty much in their face. These protestors must not have paid attention to reality... how Syrian refugees are causing a horrific humanitarian problem in Europe... a result of Hillary's bad judgment.

These protestors have been misled... and have judged too quickly... and without the facts. They likely mention Rosie O'Donnell... who had been invited to Trump's wedding... a bragging point for anyone... and then can't keep from making fun of his hair and making other insults. Trump just said, "She sure was eating like a pig at my wedding." Much that these protestors complain about... is explainable.

I have come to believe that Trump built his campaign for President piece by piece. If they showed up to support him... he embraced them. Then... over time... he taught them... he pulled them into a good place. As more people showed up to support him... he kept them rallied... kept them hopeful. When I finally saw this... I realized that... this man was a great leader... and that he could be a great President. I pictured him in George Washington's place... commanding raggedy untrained troops in a fight against career soldiers... and saw Washington keeping his troops encouraged.

But... here we have it... people are fearful of what the Republicans will do to our minority communities. People know that for all the talk about the Constitution... Republicans TAKE AWAY individual liberties. On the other hand... Republicans are trying to maintain a decent society for our families to live in. Aye... there's the rub.

And so... it lands on newly elected President Trump to address the mess left behind in Hillary's wake... the trail of garbage... of lies and deceptions and manipulations. It lands on Trump to address the crevace between these two factions... how can this be reconciled...

Some of the nicest and gentlest people I've met have been gay. But I'd like to input... that respect should be expressed by all... in a civil society. Some people have seen "unflattering" behavior by gays... seen their gay parades, etc... and don't want to lose a solid moral ground. I'm so glad to see healthy gay couples in public, but I've never liked having to watch ANYONE make-out etc in front of me... straight or gay. And... I do not like to be approached by ANYONE... straight or gay... who I do not know... and who propositions me in a romantic way.

The clash... is in our everyday lives. We have not formed an agreeable social contract. We have not come to terms... we have not realized... that respect must go both ways. Gays demand their human rights... to a job... to housing... to marry. Gays do not buy into the premise that they need ANYONE'S permission to do something. Church-going people, however... believe that gays shouldn't even exist. They manuever under the idea that gays are choosing their lifestyle... and should be rehabilitated.

Whether gays are gay by choice or by birth... is no one's business.
The only place it is anyone's business... is in the general public dimension.
What anyone does in public... is the public's business. You can be gay or a redneck... and be in public... but it is when one becomes aggressively gay or aggressively redneck that complaints can be made. If you pardon the expression... I think of it as... keeping your privates in your pants.

A social contract... among us all... to keep our privates in our pants... to not try to convert others to our philosophies... our religions... our politics... without a general agreement that... there is a proper place and time for everything.

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