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November 1, 2016

Random notes:

Community Audits to prepare for jobs programs
(Taken from my Society/Jobs essay):

Before the inauguration:
Communities can begin doing an assessment of their logistical status and needs. They would list empty houses and commercial properties, unemployment statistics, or their community's need for skilled trades... all the statistics that make up a well-functioning community. Hopefully every town and city, even state... will have their audits submitted, or ready to submit after the inauguration.

This shouldn't require too much of a budget because there are many statistics already available. Since this will eventually be a benefit, and usable for many purposes... they can fund this independently.

From this database of needs and surpluses, a jobs program can be built... homesteading programs can get organized... rebuilding of rural areas can take place. If there isn't a pharmacy for 50 miles, or a nursing home for 100 miles... these will be listed on the needs database. If there is a surplus of electricians in a city and a desperate need in a farming community... these will be matched up.

Veterans' Emergency Assistance

Before the inauguration:
Have all homeless veterans submit their names, locations, and email contact to an interim website that will afterwards become a page at the VA web page. After the inauguration, the work will already be done to begin interviewing them... asking where they might want to relocate... setting up housing arrangements.

Meanwhile, they should be offered temporary assistance such as free meals at the VA hospital, and sleeping and restroom facilities at any empty accommodations that the VA or the military might have. If there are unused barracks at National Guard stations... send them there. The new President can ask the states to step in... re: National Guard sites... at their own cost. These struggling veterans don't need to wait until there is a new administration. It can be done by just asking.

It certainly would be unfortunate for a Governor to deny veterans the help that they need, especially when time to recruit new members of the Guard comes around. Veterans groups might speak out against such governors... mentioning election time.

Housing eventually can be boarding houses where single veterans can share a kitchen... abandoned motels that they can renovate and own as group owners... abandoned farms and old houses that are liabilities for the communities as they are, that can be fixed with a VA loan or Federal guaranteed loan.

Product Labeling

Choice means we can choose what we eat, wear, or use with full knowledge of contents. If a law was passed that required manufacturers of all goods to fully disclose contents and place of manufacturing, with the consequence that if it was ever found to be false that product must be taken off of the market, sent back, and re-labeled at the cost of the manufacturer.

What would happen is... various consumer agencies do tests at their own expense (rather than the government doing it in a political bureacracy). Grocery stores would do research on the products they sell... where it came from... pesticides used. THEY would be the watchdogs who could send laboratory results to a overseer government product commission... who would have the authority to double-check the claims immediately and take action on that product.

Scrap Metals

Scrap steel is commonly sent outside of the country... to Mexico or China... for processing... without sorting out radioactive metals. It is all dumped together. So... when steel products... made from that scrap steel... are imported back into America, as tables, appliances, and other products, it is not checked for radioactivity. No oversight is given on this industry.

Cleaning up Radioactive Oceans and Plastic Pollution

Reverse osmosis can clean toxins from water... including radioactive elements. "Fuckishima" is constantly leaking radioactivity into the ocean... ON TOP OF several decades of nuclear waste being dumped into the oceans. Europe used to dump barrels and barrels into the North Sea, and America has dumped nuclear waste into both oceans. I remember a report decades ago that surmised that the barrels are leaking now... heating the ocean... and are the source for our "El Nino" and "La Nina."

The oceans are full of plastics that are breaking down into sand-like particles... that float... that fish eat and die from. Some areas of the ocean are a swirling cesspool of plastics and garbage. There are methods of sifting and cleaning these waters. We must make sure that we are not using the oceans for our sewage and garbage problems. The oceans need to heal and they DESPERATELY need our help.

Revolving Funds not Grants

I happen to love the idea of using REVOLVING FUNDS for projects rather than outright "grants of money." A revolving fund is a one-time deposit of money used for a particular purpose, that is repaid back into that fund by the people who make use of it. It can be used to set up a system of medical clinics... or to establish a system of permanent housing for working people.

I think of it being applied to housing programs (rather than the Section 8 program) where money is instead used to refurbish abandoned buildings and houses... and the money is repaid by the easily manageable mortgages or rent by the tenants. It would have to be a non-profit system.

Anything for the most needy of our people should be based solely on a non-profit system. It is either this... or outright welfare.

Section 8 is just a big black hole that real estate investors abuse for their high rents... rents so high that few working people can afford to live anywhere. It has skewed the market. I've seen apartment properties change hands regularly as investors get their loans, use their tax havens, then let the property decline before declaring bankruptcy. A complex full of tenants should be able to fix plumbing problems. Their trick is... to stop fixing things... tenants move out... and the rental market gets tighter justifying higher rent.

The "real estate" market has never seemed quite right to me. Investors buy property, then sit on it for years waiting for the market to give them a good profit on it. It is never developed. It often sits idle. It reduces available land for new developments that need space, and the city sprawl ensues more and more outward... into farming communities. Property should be bought to be used... not to lay vacant and tighten the available markets.

Government Purchasing Standards

It should be standard practice in any government agency that purchase orders or supply contracts are accompanied by the records of the process of choosing a particular supply or supplier. The report should show the comparative bids, the quality offered, the dependability of service, and state why the decision was made. The records would be public documents on their website. Thus, if a competitor wished to make a better offer to that agency, he could submit it, and THAT would be public record, too. If one supplier is lost, the other suppliers are already in the records as to their bids. This could help guarantee the good service from suppliers.

Equal and Easy Access to our Roads

A wheelchair-bound man sued in an Oklahoma District Court for safe access on his route from his house to the store. He won the lawsuit, but it was determined that it was cost-prohibitive to grant his remedy. The Disabilities Act grants relief for the defendant if a remedy is too cost-prohibitive for a business or agency to fix... in order to provide that required "easy access." So... in the law... the man won. He should be granted safe access on the road that he needed to use.

All citizens should have easy access to safe travel options. Our government has built roads that are prohibitive to any transportation other than cars and trucks. These roads belong to everyone, but you have to have a car to safely use them. Part of our rebuilding of the infrastructure should include "bike paths" or "hiking paths" where people can safely travel from town to town... from state to state... from one part of the country to another.

Our cities can turn four-lane streets into three-lane streets with a turning lane in the middle and a "slow traffic lane" on one side. This would resolve the "equal access" provision for any federal law that requires it. The slow lane would be marked very clearly with triple lines, or double green lines. There would also be small speed bumps on the car traffic side of the lane. Small motorized vehicles like golf carts, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, or electric wheel chairs could use this with the restriction of a speed limit of 20 mph or less.

Mass Transportation

It was Reagan's ideal that we should all have our own cars. He did not like the idea of developing mass-transportation systems. Well, here we all are... in a huge mess. How many people die from car accidents...?? How many people drive after drinking...?? How long does it take to get to work and then back home again...??? It is madness. And... you have to have enough insurance to cover the cost of ANOTHER PERSON'S LUXURY VEHICLE... not just your own.

Many people cannot drive a car... elderly... blind... handicapped... people who cannot afford a car... people who have lost their driver's license... many people are trapped without a way to the doctor or to the store. "Trapped" means they haven't the freedom to travel... considered a basic right.

Every community can have free bus service. It would begin with a one-time revolving fund loan to cities and towns to purchase vehicles to serve the community... perhaps even transportation to the city. It would be paid for on the city utility bill... $2.00 a month from everyone. Once a maintence budget has been determined, the fund can begin to be replenished. The system will remain non-profit because its purpose is to provide the basic "easy access" required by law. All employees and managers will be on a salary.

If this low monthly fee does not suffice to cover maintenance costs, then a contribution network can be formed where people can voluntarily send $10. or $1,000. just to have the joy of one's community providing transportation to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Or the fund can be supplemented by advertising on buses or bus stops... tax exempt perhaps.

If a "for profit" transportation system wishes to offer other alternatives, they will have to establish their system by normal channels. There could be tuk-tuk cabs or bicycle cabs offered in city centers, for instance.

I happen to like the idea of street cars... even solar-powered or ELECTRO-MAGNETIC powered street cars... that are designed after the airport luggage transport vehicles. These have a main cab for the driver (safe... having no money on board... and air conditioned), and a wagon is pulled behind it that has safety rails, and seating, and hand rails for passengers. They would move slowly and use the slow lane referred to before.

For longer trips across town, medium-sized buses would run regularly in a predictable route where passengers can cross north then east... with never a long wait at the next crossing.

Pregnancy Control and Abortion
Note: Please read this in its entirety. This subject is very complicated.

I happen to think that human beings should not propagate like dogs. Every child born into this world should be wanted and loved... not considered an inconvenience. Families that have another child... every year... year after year... some having 10 and 12 kids... may think that they are following nature's rules, but they are not. They may think proudly that they are following religious doctrines based on ancient scripture and prophecy... this, also... is not true.

I happen to think that these people are reckless and selfish. The world is becoming unmanageable because there are so very many people... living longer and healthier lives. But... yes... the medical ugliness of abortion... offends our sense of humanity. We must come to terms with this.

If you look at this subject, few doctors do late term abortions. They just don't do them. And... my opinions are not gospel. In fact... in scripture you will find the text where the priest does a "jealousy" rite. In this rite... performed in the temple itself... a man who suspects that his wife has been unfaithful can pay two bales of barley to have this done. It involves abortive herbs. Once the woman has been "cleansed" by this "forced abortion" then the husband knows that any child is from him and not the other man.

If we followed nature... rather than the "modern ways"... if a woman breast feeds an infant... she is naturally incapable of getting pregnant. Naturally, if a child is breastfed for one or two years... some countries even longer!!... it takes time for the mother's body to begin producing eggs again. This could take a year or two after she ceases breastfeeding. She may have periods... but she will not be fertile.

Since we do not follow natural ways... we must artificially manage propagation and pregnancy. When we teach our kids about adolescence and maturing... we might also teach them about the new responsibilites that they must practice... as sexual beings being readied for parenthood. We should give honest information about planning their lives well... of living their lives well... and not living recklessly.

Although we wish for our young people a beautiful and full relationship with someone who truly loves them... where their most intimate secrets are not laughed at... they are in a strange world... and many fall by the wayside... wanting to live fully... and wanting to be loved... NOW...!!! And... boys... want to be men... to prove themselves as men... and girls... want to be women.

We should teach our young adults about the pros and cons of various forms of birth control. How many girls know that there is such a thing as a "female condom"...??? These condoms are more stable to use and more convenient... and can be washed and reused. When STD's, Sexually Transmitted Disease, is one of the hazards of reckless sexual practices... condoms are the most practical forms of pregnancy control.

There are drawbacks to hormonal birth control. One of them is the long-term health effects and a possible connection to cancer. Another one of the drawbacks is that it puts more hormones into the sewage system... that cannot be filtered out. (Many drugs cannot be filtered out of our RE-USED water systems.) Some people just want to stay away from pharmaceuticals.

If we are going to reduce abortions... which desperate women seek out... which sick women seek out... which loving parents of a grossly deformed fetus seek out... we need to head it off with other ways of responsible pregnancy control. IMO -- if a woman passes her third month without making a decision on whether she can handle raising a child... she has waited too long. At this stage, the fetus is still "blooming" into its various organs. There is no awareness of life at this stage. Many pregnancies will naturally abort at this stage if the fetus is not viable. After that, abortion should be reserved for serious medical reasons only.

Since our culture does not follow the natural pattern of our species... people who do not substitute this natural birth control with some artificial means of pregnancy control... recklessly get pregnant whether they want to have children or not. We must practice some form of responsibility for our sometimes "overactive sex drives" -- which we are often bombarded with in our culture. In fact, it is the standard that "sex sells." Advertisers and film makers know that... they know that they have to have sex content to excite the viewers.

Even children are caught up in this... where "pretty" also means "sexy." Children should not want to "look sexy." "Sexy" is for grown-ups and special occasions.

Wouldn't it be nice... if consumers were protected from such inethical selling techniques... that prey upon our natural instincts... that can overwhelm our natural inclinations. How can we keep a good moral hold on our sexual inclinations while being bombarded with suggestive advertising and entertainment...?? Yes... I'm even referring to Disney movies... which all seem to have subliminal sexual connotations. How do we fight subliminal...???

Ya know... if a product is worth buying... it ought to be bought for its merits and usefulness... not because some sexy woman said it was her most favorite thing in the world... not because the sexy song made one think they would become more of a man or woman... more sexy... if they used it. It is a form of fraud. They stopped the tobacco companies from doing this.

The very real problem we face on this issue of abortion is... if it becomes totally illegal... (which the Supreme Court doesn't seem to want to do)... what will happen is... every pregnant woman will fall under the auspices of the government. If the woman has a natural miscarriage, she will have to be... by law... investigated for murder. If a woman falls and injures the fetus... she will be doomed the rest of her life to caring for a severely damaged and needy and suffering human being... or possibly even tried in court for damage to a fetus... was it intentional harm???... did she really fall???...

An entirely new category of legal jurispudence would evolve from such a law. Was... the loss of the pregnancy intentional??? Did... the pregnant woman do something that damaged her fetus??? Was... she driving a car in her third trimester??? Did... she ride a horse during her first trimester??? Did... she continue with her hormonal birth control after she was pregnant, causing the loss of the fetus????

It would become as noxious as the prohibition of alcohol. There would be bootleggers selling poison homemade wine... herbal remedies... dangerous techniques of aborting the fetus. I remember hearing in high school about boyfriends who would slam their fist into a girl's stomach to try to end her pregnancy. I heard about girls whose lives were destroyed forever because she got pregnant. It was ugly. The best we can do is... educate our kids about responsible sex practices... and reduce in every way... the need to use that as a recourse.

Unisex Bathrooms

Gender bathrooms?? I don't know about you, but I have always hated public restrooms. People are naturally modest when using the toilet... and children especially. So... why do we have group bathrooms anyway?? I saw in one business that I went to... three private bathrooms... marked women... men... and unisex. Wouldn't it be nice if AT LEAST full walls were built between the open stalls of bathrooms... with doors you can lock. Children should always be supervised in bathrooms, by teachers or parents.

Foreign Aid

We want to bring civilization to the world. One way to do this, is to restrict organizations that offer development... such as water wells for desert communities in Africa... farming training... house building techniques seminars and assistance... small business arrangements... roads... to countries that have established a peaceful and safe place to do this.

So... those countries have to come to terms with themselves... by force of their own wills... whether they want help coming into the modern civilized world. As soon as they do... come to peaceful terms... we should send the means to begin drilling water wells and establishing farms... and building stable communities.

If desperation controls... chaos wins. So we must act when we can act safely. We don't need to have REGIME CHANGE... we just need to establish the parameters for modernization. If they start a war... or make war on their own people... we leave... and they will have to go to the back of the line and start over. End of story. We will brush the dirt off of our shoes of their whole country.

Part of developing the struggling regions of the world could be a system of "sister cities." So many of our American people want to build connections with the rest of the world in some way. They can do this by adopting a "sister city"... where... our kids could collect books or clothes or shoes... where... our businesses could send surpluses or used furniture... or where projects could be shaped such as fundraising to build medical centers.

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