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October 30, 2016

This past year has been an evolution in politics for me... and for everyone, I guess. It has been like... getting hit from all sides in a hail storm. It has been like... being put in the back of a police van that takes off at full speed and then begins making sharp turns and sudden stops. When the dust cleared, and we could emerge... I began to listen a little more closely to the speeches of Donald Trump... and well, I began to really respect his style. He was teaching us all to become more hopeful and more positive about the future. We could still save our country!!

All the "heroes" of the progressive movement were falling by the wayside. Two years ago, I had thought of Hillary Clinton in a way of... "she will use her sense of vengence to put those Republicans where they belong... in a fancy prison with a golf course, maybe." Those Republicans that shamed the Clintons mercilessly for months and months... so that any news one heard was full of hate and accusations and rudeness... which no good family would want to hear in their home... those Republicans would get their "get back."

Then... someone I admired politically spoke out on the Presidential election and against Hillary Clinton. This inspired me to do some serious research on her politics. When the curtain began pulling to the side, I saw more and more that she had really betrayed the causes that she claimed to be fighting for. I saw that her policies were no more than trick or treat candy... given like pablum to the hungry working classes. The welfare reform that does more harm than good... the end of year tax supplements of a few hundred dollars, instead of wage increases... the votes for war and the Patriot Act... and on and on... all a betrayal... all bad policy.

I would never vote for Hillary Clinton. She should leave our country's politics in peace.

Bernie Sanders... a social democrat... something many were leery of... declared his bid in the race, and after squeezing my foot into the "socialism" philosophy, I believed he would tackle the huge problems of income inequality and other injustices that were the real source of our peoples' ills. I watched all his speeches. I looked past his sly references such as "what have you been smoking" as if it was a joke. (Those who smoke pot are not delusional, just happy). Rand Paul had said that Bernie had choked on the audit of the Fed, and I supposed Bernie had had a good reason for it.

Then... Bernie never disputed the primary votes... even when evidence emerged proving abuses. People were begging him... "challenge the rigged votes!!" He gave it a pass, under the premise that it would look bad, like he was a sore loser. He took money in the millions... and began having rallies in public parks and fields. I think now, "how did he spend so much money?"

Jill Stein... saved the day... and became the Bernie stand-in for those of us who were so concerned about the declining environment. I had heard several people state that there is an irreversible point where the planet can no longer heal itself from the damage... and we had crossed that point. We needed to fight for our goddam planet... against the ignorance of greedy corporations!!!

Then... Jill Stein lost her sheen. She was not a serious candidate. She was just a socialist. Nothing would change. I could not vote for her.

I had watched deliciously as Donald Trump had wrangled the long line of potential Republican candidates. All signs had looked like that soft-spoken Bush son, Jeb, would sweep the polls. Compared to the rest of the line-up, Jeb and Donald were the only ones even remotely pallitable. When their number shrank to 7, I looked at them all... and thought... OMG, the Seven Dwarfs!!!

Kasich=Sneezy, Christie=Sleepy, Rubio=Dopey, Trump=Happy, Cruz=Grumpy, Carson=Doc, and Bush=Bashful

I had some real apprehensions about Donald Trump, but the other candidates were... not presidential. Trump... a friend of the Clintons... who ran in the circle of elites... seemed to be just another side of the corrupt world of politics... and he had become a cult. Was he just another Hitler... preying upon the nationalistic views of desperate people?? Would he throw us all out in the streets to fend for ourselves?? Would he use the cover of "Liberty" to further enslave us all?? without a voice??

But... eventually... I saw that Donald Trump was teaching us all the language of diplomacy. He was hugging our ragged souls and teaching us the language of truth... and self-defense... and tolerance. He was a leader in many ways. He was a problem-solver. He was ready to kick ass... but he liked everybody. He was a smart guy who spoke in pictures and slogans... and... most of all... he loved his country.

The Clintons are globalists. They may paint Trump as the totalitarian... but it is they who are the totalitarians. Hillary's methods of solving problems are to force hurting people with laws... then give them a little pat on the back with a liberal idea or two... then build more jails for those who don't play the game.

Hillary's phrase "bring them to heel" is exactly the definition of her policies. Tyranny.
Hillary is a betrayal of environmental protection, of social justice, of peace.
Even worse... she has no respect for the law or national security. She is traitorous.
Every person who has defended her... has been... or is being... destroyed by her.

I am reminded of how Colin Powell was built up as a great and honorable military man... only to be used to deceive the world about nuclear weapons in Iraq.
Sick politics.

I will hope that in that grand intelligence of Donald Trump...
he will get us ALL out of our hell-ride.

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